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Business Process Mapping in Internet Marketing

Aug 17, 2007
The world of internet marketing (iMarketing) is a funny one. It seems that millions of people clamour over the next way to find quick cash and big riches. This is evidenced by the popularity of iMarketing sites, ezines, groups, and informational and software products.

However, the reality is that only a small percentage of people worldwide actually make money with iMarketing. Only about 10% of people who dabble in iMarketing actually earn profits on a regular basis. Of that 10%, maybe 1% make big money. Within this top 1% are the big name iMarketing experts who make solid, six figure incomes (often referred to as "Super Affiliates"). The remaining 9% earn some level of profit. These are the people who have found a money-making niche online and continue to capitalize on it.

There is almost endless possibilities for ways to earn money using the internet. A few examples of money-making techniques include web site portals (mini websites), selling products via auctions (Ebay), selling informational products (eBooks), and marketing other people's products as an affiliate (affiliate marketing). These methods don't even begin to scratch the surface of all the ways that are available to make a living online.

With so many ways available to make money online, why is it that so few people actually make money? The answer is that the iMarketing arena is cluttered with thousands of products (software and informational), independent claims of success, and individual tips, tricks, and iMarketing techniques. One so-called iMarketing expert says one thing; another says something else. Everything that you'll find online for iMarketing is disjointed from one another. There is no clear connections between products or strategies. There are no maps that tie one area of iMarketing to another.

How do you know what to believe or even where to start? Assuming that you actually do get started in your own business, what are the steps or path toward growing a successful business? Most people buy an iMarketing product and do nothing with it. Those that buy multiple projects get frustrated because each of the products doesn't have anything to do with the others. This causes a lack of focus and in the end much wasted efforts.

One of the best methods for developing a clear vision and understanding your business direction is by developing process maps of your business systems. Simply put, a process map can be defined as "an identifiable process of tasks or actions that are completed in order to perform a specific function within your business". A process map describes the steps that you take to complete the most critical functions of your business.

One of the first actions to start or improve an internet marketing business should be to document your business systems. You can do so by first taking the time to identify your key processes. Some examples of processes that you may consider include your marketing process, sales process, product development, and customer relationship development process.

Once you have documented your processes, you can streamline your business direction and minimize purchases of software, books, or other learning materials to ONLY those that support your business systems. Staying focused on your business objectives is easier to do when you have a defined process and refer to it when making business decisions.
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