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The Unforseen Consequences of Spyware

Aug 17, 2007
The popularity, availability and speed of the internet continue to grow which in turn has consequences such as spyware threats. With all of these advancements on the internet spyware also advances and creates more prevalent and sometimes dangerous threats. Spyware can easily be downloaded while surfing the internet and downloading files or software.

Usually, sites with questionable material are those that contain spyware. When visiting one of these sites spyware is automatically downloaded onto your computer or done so when you authorize the download of a file off the site. Spyware has spread to other sites now, sites that are seemingly secure and legitimate, but still download spyware on your computer. Microsoft has released its solution to spyware, however hackers have found ways around it and viruses to stop its capabilities.

Cookies, which are picked up each time you visit nearly any website, are often harmless and cleaned up easily but the information the can track and record can sometimes become a problem. The cookies coming from websites allow some webmasters to pick up data about you, including personal information that could lead to identity theft.

The cost of identity theft and fraud is estimated to cost trillions of dollars world wide. Protect yourself from spyware and other threats by using multiple spyware removal and prevention tools. Run both spyware and virus software regularly and keep each updated with the latest defined threats. When keying in personal information online do so only at secure web sites.
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