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Discover the 7 Advantages of Home Based Business in the Information Age

Nov 6, 2007
"Don't count the days, make the days count " - Muhammad Ali. I came across this quote and realized in life, it is best that I make full use of the time I have in this world to create a positive life. Through life and business experiences, I have learn that the art of sharing knowledge and passion development enable me to learn and grow in creating a positive life. In the information age, it has been easier for people to share positive knowledge and develop their passion around the world.

It is like the following story of Pete, a carpenter. In the information and digital age, with the birth of internet, Pete realized that information can be readily shared in a fantastically fast manner. With a computer and internet access, Pete is able to communicate and share information with new friends from other parts of the world.

Pete did a research on the internet. He found out that there is a growing industry in the market for home based business in the information age. He decided to start such business and leverage on the internet to market the business. He develops his passion in carpentry knowledge and started sharing his knowledge with others from around the world through communication mediums such as online forums and discussions. He received positive feedback about his sharing of knowledge.

Pete was excited and sat down after dinner one day and wrote down the advantages of developing his home based business. He realized firstly, he has a fantastic tool called internet to leverage on. Through the internet, he will be to reach out to people around the world. Secondly, he can help others more by making a difference in their life by sharing his knowledge with them to improve themselves in area of carpentry. Thirdly, he realized that with working from home, it will enable him to have time flexibility and spend more time with his family and loved ones.

Fourthly, he can develop a simple office concept of table, chair and computer or laptop to start his home based business. Fifthly, he can save a lot of investment as in such business, it has lesser inventory, cheaper office rental expense and reduction in business expenses as compared to starting a traditional business. Sixthly, the home based business can also enable him to develop his passion in carpentry. Lastly, Pete also realized with the internet as a tool of communication, he can save the traveling and commuting time and expenses.

Pete decided to create an information product for others to learn about carpentry. Pete became an expert in the carpentry market. With that, he developed success and share more with people. Through such sharing, Pete benefits others and his business grew. With it growing, Pete realized through perseverance and hard work, he obtained financial freedom. He realized that though his initial journey of building such business was tough, it was certainly worth it and he was able to achieve his dreams which once he thought was impossible.

In the information age, there is a growing interest in the home based business industry and internet has created a wonderful tool for individuals to leverage on developing such businesses.
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