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Work At Home Based Business Opportunities Need An Extra Power

Nov 6, 2007
Why do I say so? Well, simply because I have over 14.000 aticles online ( at this writing ), which bring a strong trafficflow. I am 100 % convinced that the article writing is the most effective way to promote the work at home based business opportunities.
So the topic of this article is: how to do it?

1. Optimize With The Keywords.
Concerning the keywords the first question is, do you pick the high demand or the low demand ones. My answer is, that pick the keywords by which your landing page can climb to the top position at Google result page. That is the target.There are alot of high demand keywords and also low demand keywords, which can reach this target, so it is of course better to pick the bigger ones. That means profit for your work at home based business opportunities. All in all, the internet business is the art of skills. Who can use his brains and imagination ideally will win the best prizes.

2. Research The Sites, Which You Will Soon Beat!
This is very important for the success of your work at home based business opportunities.. If the top web site has not done the optimization right, you have just found the way to the success. You can download Brad Callen ebook SEO Made Easy from the Author Box to read the correct tips, because you must also keep your site on the top.

3. Use About 500 Words In Your Articles.
The keyword density target is around 2 % and the main keyword should be in the title, teaser, body and in the Author Box. One good tactic is to choose a long tail keyword or keyphrase, because by using that one keyword, you actually use maybe six different keywords. It means the power times six! Not bad.

4. The Keyword In The Author Box Is The Anchor Text.
The Author Box is like a text ad, which has a job to persuade the reader to click the link. The hyperlinked keyword form an anchor text and makes it easy for the reader to click the link.

6. Distribute The Articles With A Huge Distribution List.
The marketing of the work at home based business is the numbers game, the more contacts you get, the more profit you will make.

7.Prepare Yourself For The Success!
It will take some time, maybe weeks, before you will see your landing page on the first page or on the first place of Google search results. This depends a lot about the competition.If you have followed these tips, you will dramatically increase your web site traffic. And especially the profits of your work at home based business opportunities.
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