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Ergonomic Office Chairs

Nov 6, 2007
Providing staff with comfortable seating is one of the best ways of improving the quality of their working environment and reducing time lost thanks to back problems caused by poor posture when working at a desk. Our range of ergonomic office chairs provides employers with the ideal way of giving staff the proper support they need in order to ensure that all best practices in terms of work station set up are followed.

The central idea behind ergonomic office chairs is that they are multi point adjustable in order to accommodate users of any size or shape. All the different areas of the chair can be personalized to fit the individual user in order to ensure maximum comfort and the best possible fit.

Aside from the angle of recline, the height of the seat cushion, and the tilt, these ergonomic office chairs also swivel to make getting in and out from under a desk simple. Correctly setting up chairs for height and angle makes for a much improved working experience, and reduces the incidence of poor posture. Without properly set up ergonomic office chairs, employees working at a desk have a tendency to slump slightly in their seat, and this can lead to excessive pressure being placed on the lower back.

The seat is designed to be comfortable and encourages staff to remain at their desk throughout the day. The thick foam padding coupled with a high quality covering mean that it is both supportive and pleasant to sit in, and remains pleasant in use. The highest quality materials are used throughout the construction of the chair including a robust gas lift system, which ensures easy lifting and smooth operation when adjusting the chair to the ideal needs of the user.

By encouraging better working practices through better seating in the office, it is possible to reduce the levels of chronic back problems caused by poor posture. In turn, this will reduce the amount of time that staff are absent from work as a result of back pain.

In addition to the now popular ergonomic office chair, which reduces the incidence of back problems in an office environment, it is now possible to purchase ergonomic industrial stools. These robust seating solutions are designed and produced for use in a factory or workshop environment, and intended to offer employees a comfortable and supportive seat when working at a bench.,

The ergonomic industrial stools are fully height adjustable up to a maximum of 31 inches, and feature a low back to prevent leaning backwards and getting off balance. Thanks to a wide base with 5 rubber coated feet, the chair is completely stable in use, and can comfortably support staff when working. The seat is covered in polyurethane foam for additional padding in use, and the whole chair is wipe clean to ensure that it continues to look good in use for long periods of time.

Investing in staff welfare is one of the most important aspects of the modern office environment, as by improving the quality of the workplace you can have a direct and positive impact on staff retention and costly absenteeism. Using ergonomic office chairs is a cost effective method of improving the workplace, and has an instant effect.
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