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Reduce the Stress of Owning an Online Business

Nov 6, 2007
Owning any type of business can be stressful, but operating an online business has unique stressors that traditional business owners escape. Servers crashing, HTML problems, power outages, pay per click rates, affiliate programs, unique content, unique visitors, keyword performance, search engine optimization and spam can all add up to one giant online headache. So how do you cope with the stress of running an online business? Surprisingly, the answer is often found on the Internet.

Join an online business discussion forum to get advice from other online business owners. Receive support and encouragement from veterans, as well as, offer a few newbies your online business pearls of wisdom.

Invest in automated programs that track your visitors for you and generate automated responses to your opt-in forms. This decreases the need to rush to respond to an inquiry by giving you more time to respond personally.

Keep your eye on the competition. Check out your competitors' websites frequently to see what back links, relevant content and price points they are displaying. Do not simply copy your competition's style and sales process, simply stay informed about what they are up to so you can counteract their strategies accordingly.

Invest a few dollars in an internet consultant if your webmaster skills are questionable. This will save you time, money and grief in the long run.

Additional Tips for Reducing Online Business Related Stress

Set a strict budget and stick to it.

Determine your hourly wage and calculate what your business costs are every month. If you are not turning a profit, then it is time to consult an expert to make some changes.

If you don't know, ask! Search engines provide instant access to a wealth of knowledge that can help you build your business. Learning from the mistakes of others is a great way to avoid the pitfalls of common online blunders.

Utilize online forums and free internet tools for your website. Why should you stretch your budget to acquire tools and advice that can be found for free on the Internet?

Take regular breaks away from your desk and schedule a day off every week.

Dress for success, even if you never leave your house. Lounging around in sweats all day can make you feel unproductive and unmotivated.

Invest in a good office chair and position your computer keyboard and monitor ergonomically so you don't strain your muscles after working all day.

Reduce environmental stimuli while you work. Put the dog in the next room and set the telephone to silent to reduce frequent interruptions. Keep the television off and limit the number of trips you make to the refrigerator and bathroom. A good hour if uninterrupted work is better than a whole day of sporadic, stressful projects.

These tips and resources can help you relieve the stress of running an online business. Stress can be a serious detriment to your personal productivity, your health and your company's success. Dealing with it properly can help keep your online business on the fast track to success.
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