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How to Get Interview With Niche Experts

Nov 6, 2007
Speaking of getting quality content to your website, one of the most powerful ways to skyrocket your sales is to get interviews with experts.

This is for two reasons:

1. Expert interviews will add credibility to your product by association

For instance, if a health product has a bonus or article inside written by a respected doctor, doesn't that make the product seem like it has quality information? After all, why would a respected expert in the field participate in a project with zero credibility?

This can be especially helpful if you're selling a health product, but don't have any credentials yourself.

2. Experts have customer lists

Often time, those experts have customer lists and they are then willing to share your interview with their list. In the process, they'll give a link to your website since you're the one that interviewed them. This in result can equal to substantial targeted traffic for your product.

In addition, they also have the added benefits of being quicker and easier than most people realize to obtain and put online. Marketers are often surprised at how willing experts are to share their time if you can approach them in the right way.

So in order to get expert interviews, here are the five steps to follow:

1. Make a list of experts in the niche that you can contact, don't focus on online only, and think of off-line as well. Like approach a wedding planner for a wedding planning product or a sleep specialist for a product on snoring.

2. Decide the benefits of participating for the experts. Are they going to get exposure? Will they get a chance to promote their business? Will you give them permission to use the interview in their newsletter or on their website as well? If you see they have an important message to spread (such as their groundbreaking research or important consumer advice), then tell them this is a great opportunity to reach others.

The more you offer the more luck you will have in getting quality interviewees. Remember, people ask for their time everyday. They're not going to give up their time, unless they have an incentive for doing so.

3. Come up with list 10-20 questions, the number of questions is really depending on the length of response you are expecting.

4. Decide the format you are going to offer in the interview. You can send over the questions for them to respond to in their word processor, or you can record the interview. If you record the interview, you can then get the call transcribed (there are a number of low cost services do this, you can find them on Google.com), or you can offer the audio version to your listeners.

5. Start contacting your guests and compiling interviews into the appropriate format. Don't expect all of your experts will agree to be interviewed, or for all of them to follow through. They're often very busy and require you to follow-up.

After everything is complete, you're ready to add this new fresh content in your sales letter and watch your sales explode!

So now you get a far superior content than if you attempted to create it yourself or pay someone else to do it for you.
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