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Start Linking And Skyrocket Your Profits

Aug 17, 2007
I make a lot of traffic to my site because it has so many links pointing in - and outwards. Links simply gather visitors residually.

1.Offpage search engine optimization is the key.

It simply means links to and from the site. This is the numbers - and the quality game. The more links the site has the better, but they must be related and search engine must appreciate these links.

Offpage optimization depends on:

- the links inward the site
- the number of sites linking to the site
- Google page rank of the site, which links to your site
- the page title of the page linking to the site
- the number and type of sites linking to the site which links to your site
- the number and type of outward links of the site linking to your one
- does Google see the linking site as " an authority website "?

2. What are the quality links?

Google has a small green bar above each page. Many think that the longer the bar, the higher page rank the page has. This is not true. The green bar is almost totally meaningless little " promotional " bar only.

My list for quality links is:

- the target site must be relevant
- the target site must be able to drive traffic to your site
- the target site must have high page rank at Google ( and other SE )
- the links must be visible to search engine spiders. Most spiders crawl the site three level deep only
- the target site allows to use your own linktext ( including keywords )
- the target site must link to a specific content of your page

3. How many links you have now?

Go to linkpopularity.com and write your domain into the box. The result shows how many links right now point back to your domain. This number is what you have to increase.

4. Forum Postings.

Participate regularly to professional forums, which discuss relevant internet marketing issues. Note that the forums I recommend below are among the most visited sites worldwide! This means it is important to get links back to your site, these forums are 100 % related. I prefer these forums very professional: warriorforum, associateprograms forum and searchenginewatch forum.

At the bottom of each posting, there is a " sig-file ", where you can type in your url with a short ad. This is your link back to your site.

5. Articles.

You can always write your articles by yourself or order them from writers like nichearticleclub.com or Elane. Search engines love articles with original, useful and fresh content. If you use written ones, you have to customize them.

The article submission can be done manually or by automated online service. If your choice is the manual submission, these 3 sites can do it: www.dmoz.org, www.stpt.com or www.elib.org.
If you want more, go to Google, you can find tons of them.

At Google insert the search word " submit your url " and you get a list of sites to where you can submit all of your urls.

If you as an internet marketer want effective coverage over internet community, use automated submission service and visit www.articlemarketer.com . They ship your article to over 32.000 places all over the internet!

6. The blog.

Search engines love blogs, because of their original, fresh and useful information. When so, they will index the blog, which means good results in search results.
The blog is like a library for other internet marketers and site visitors, they can pick the article and submit it to their site or blog.

7. Purchase Text Links.

Purchase text links but only for one month. Why? Because when Google spider has crawled your site, the linksījob is done. This is the reason why one month is enough.

It is possible to get 1 PR7 for one month even at $ 150 and indexed at Google in 24 hours. Not bad!

8. Watch the link popularity.

A growing number of search engines appreciate the link popularity in their ranking algorithms, especially Google. You can either contact webowners by mail or use services like www.LinkMachine.com to do it with hundreds of sites in minutes. I used LinkMachine and succeeded to get above 700 related, reciprocal links to my website. LinkMachine has a super training lesson, which also includes SEO- techniques.

9. Look at the competition.

You can check the links of your competiors by typing your major keywords into Google. Then pick the first competitorsīurls and type the domains into the box at www.marketleap.com. Click any underlined number and get linklist per search engine. These are your potential links. Count how many domains point to the site from relevant sites. Examine especially " authority / news sites and ezines ", because search engines appreciate them.
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