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Optimizing Your Website For Huge Pay Per Click Profits

Nov 6, 2007
If you are a webmaster and looking for an alternative monetization solution then Pay Per Click advertising may be your best bet. PPC Publishing is an excellent way to earn money fast with your existing traffic or future traffic.

If you plan on publishing Pay Per Click ads alongside your content then there are a few things to do that will increase your click through rate and overall earnings.

Make Your PPC Ad Block Blend In With Your Content

The more your ad block looks like a piece of your content the more people will click on the ads. This is one of the main techniques the big PPC warriors use everyday to earn big click commissions. For Example, if your content is surrounded by a black background with white text then make sure your ad block has white text and a black background. Sounds simple doesn't it?

You'd be surprised at how many people there is that do not this.

Relevancy Is The Key To Success

Always do everything in your power to make sure that the ads displaying with your content match the topic of your content. You wouldn't want ads displaying children's clothing show up on a video game related site would you?

Some PPC networks will automatically spider your page for relevancy so you won't have to worry about doing this.

If the network spiders your pages and still does not display relevant ads then you might want to optimize your content and page better. Use more site relevant keywords.


Make sure you always put your ads where people will see them. If you place an ad block at the bottom of your webpage it most likely won't be seen by the majority of your traffic. You should place multiple blocks of ads in different sizes in different parts of your page. Diversify!

Target High Paying Keywords

Do some research and find out what keywords advertisers are bidding the most for. It's a waste of time if you are only getting paid pennies on the dollar for clicks. It's also a good way to find new niches to build websites around.

High Quality Content

Your visitors will be more likely to click on your ads if your content is of a high caliber. Don't publish useless content or content that is not relevant to your website.

Always Use Text Ads

Text ads should always be your preference. These produce better click through then image ads.

It's been proven to me time and again that if you use these particular tricks you will sky rocket your PPC income to mammoth proportions.
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