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Viralize Your Web Site For A Massive Traffic Increase

Nov 6, 2007
One of the easiest ways to increase web traffic for very little work is to add some viral effects to your web site. I'll explore some of the main techniques I use to viralize my websites here.

Give Out Viral Reports

This is the most common viral marketing technique that internet marketers use. It's pretty straightforward. Write up a few pages on a topic relevant to your website or offer and package it as a PDF file. Once you've done that give it out and grant free resale rights to it. Let them know that it's ok to give it out as a bonus or to be freely distributed to others.

Create a Newsletter

Newsletters are a great way to keep in touch and create relationships with your website visitors. You can create a simple form to capture your visitors contact details and follow up with them. Remind them to visit your website when you publish new content.

There are many free newsletter scripts out there to help you accomplish this.

Bonus Tip: Offer an incentive of some sort to increase your newsletter sign ups. It's a common practice to combine a free viral report with a free newsletter subscription.

Tell A Friend Script

I'm sure you've seen these before. It's a simple form that your visitor can fill out that will email someone they know a short message inviting them to visit your website. You can find these scripts all over the internet. Use your favorite search engine to find one.

Add To Favorites Script

These scripts will automatically add a bookmark to their current browsers favorites when a specific link is clicked on. These can be very useful and will encourage repeat visits. You can find these scripts for free on your favorite search engine.

Social Bookmarking Links

Social Bookmarking is a new internet craze that allows people to share their favorite websites with other people from across the world. It's a good idea to add links to popular social bookmarking sites that will link to your content.

Republish Content

You can let your visitors republish your content on their website on the condition that they provide a link back to your website. This can add up fast and you will gain plenty of free back links for higher search engine rankings.

Add A Guestbook

You can add a guestbook using a free script of some sort and visitors will be able to comment on your posts. This can easily produce a bunch of free unique content and plenty of repeat visits to your website.

You can easily add all of these viral effects to your website in less than 24 hours. If you get stuck on something you should move on to the next thing. Once you've finished adding these particular viral effects watch your traffic grow every passing day.
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