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Your Cover Letter Example Checklist

Nov 7, 2007
When looking at cover letter examples in a book or on the internet you should have a cover letter example checklist that you will use in deciding to use an example or not. Your cover letter example checklist will ensure that you do not send out a cover letter that will land your resume in the trash. As a job seeker if your resume lands itself in the trash you are in trouble because you will not land an interview nor the job. So make sure that you check over your example very well before using it. Most job seekers do not realize that prospective employers are actually looking for reasons within your cover letter to throw your resume out. After all they are seeking high quality employees.

For the most part cover letter examples are just that, they are generalized examples that can be used by anyone needing a cover letter. So keep in mind that it is only an example and that you can not just change around a few words and send it out as your cover letter. When you send a cover letter out like this you are taking huge risk that your employer has seen the same old cover letter countless times before. As stated above they are looking for any reasons and that means any reason at all.

When checking your cover letter example over check to see if it address a specific person. More than likely since you found it on the internet or out of a book it does not. You need to change the generalized addressing around so that it addresses a specific person for the company in which you are applying for a position at. If need be then call the company and get the appropriate name in which you should be addressing your cover letter to. This will speak volumes to the prospective employer and set you apart from the competition.

Check your cover letter example over to see if it shows you how to express yourself and your qualifications to the prospective employer. Most cover letters are to generalized to express a specific need for a specific employer. Most job advertisements tell what specific skills and traits they are looking for. Make sure that in your one paragraph you have addressed those skills and traits. This section of your cover letter should be brief and to the point in addressing the needs of the prospective employer. It should be one paragraph long and highlight your qualifications for the position in which you have applied for. So do not allow yourself to be hindered by the example set forth within the cover letter example that you are using.

When using your cover letter example checklist, look and see if the cover letter example that you are thinking of using shows you how and where to point out to the prospective employer what it is about their company that you like. You should place this below the paragraph in which you tell them why you are fit for the job in which you are applying for. This should be about one paragraph long and should briefly tell them what it is about their specific company that you like as the reasons why you wish to work there. If you are unsure about what it is that you like, then do some digging into the company so that you can give them specific reasons. Most cover letter examples when they do show you where to place this paragraph only give you a generalized version of what to write. So make sure to change this to more specific information.

Your cover letter example checklist should also be looking to see if your cover letter example is assertive. Your cover letter needs to be assertive and not passive. Your cover letter should from beginning to end be written so that it grabs the attention of the prospective employer and lands you that job interview. A passive voice is more than likely going to be passed over for a more assertive cover letter that another applicant sent in. So keep the voice of your cover letter to that of assertiveness and end with a request for an interview. Take the initiative to ask for an interview in the end. To do this in an assertive way you need to finalize your cover letter with telling the prospective employer when you will be making a follow up call with them to schedule and interview.
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