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Generating Leads By Giving Away Digital Products For Free

Nov 7, 2007
Autoresponder, or automatic responder, is one of the most important online marketing tool today. Using autoreponder, you can build a list of subscribers automatically. In the offline world, you may be able to contact potential customers by sending out paper mails or postcards. However, on the internet, you have to get a permission from each of your potential customer before sending him or her any promotional materials. This is where autoresponder comes into play.

Generating leads with autoresponder can be accomplished by using various marketing techinques. One of the oldest and the most popular is to give away downloadable products for free. Offering something for free is not a waste of time. Think of it as an investment. It is a win-win solution where your subscribers get freebies and you get their name and email address, and permission to email them in the future.

Successful marketers usually offer original products to generate leads. By using original ebooks or reports, they can include other useful resources in the products. Inserting affiliate links in the products is a way to generate extra revenue. Further, many of them allow their own subscribers to distribute the freebies. This way, whatever they are promoting will get more exposure at no extra expenses and efforts.

Offering freebies which are created by others can also be an alternative. There are marketers who have generated a large number of leads by giving away reports, ebooks and software which are created by others. Some even only use a simple landing page that provides a list of such products. Offering more than one free to distribute product like that will make your offer looks unique.

Rebrandable ebooks or reports which are created by others also worth offering. Clear and full instructions on rebranding and customization are usually included. This way, your subscribers will be able to do the same thing that will help you get extra revenues without having to put extra efforts. If you create a rebrandable ebook yourself, it will become a viral magnet for your business and as more people download and read the ebook, your subscriber base will grow bigger over time.

It can go further. Nowadays most ebooks are created in PDF format. However, creating ebooks using ebook generator software that produce .exe files will enable you to include subscription forms in the ebooks. Although it is not a popular way to build a mailing list but who knows you will get a lot of subscribers by implementing this method.

Getting people to join a mailing list is not always accomplished by offering downloadable products. There are marketers who offer free access to private websites. Others offer online courses or news which are related to their main products. For example, some reputable PC security software companies send out daily or weekly information about the latest threats to their subscribers.

Autoresponder services today can do more than just replying emails automatically. As a lead generation tool, a modern autoresponder service usually provides various features that will help you manage your list and help it grow at the same time. Some of the features are subscription page generator and multiple lists management system. To survive in the online world of business, you will need to have a customer list and an autoresponder service with useful features will make things easier to accomplish. Just choose the one which fits your requirements.
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