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Best Internet Home Based Business Ideas Requires Effective Landing Pages

Nov 7, 2007
You see, the job of the article is to presell the story of the landing page of your best internet home based business ideas and to make a reader to really want more about the topic, so that he is willing to click the link in the Author Box. It must build an enthusiastic want more attitude.

Now you understand that the landing page is always presold, i.e. it does not work alone, but some medium, like an article, will preceed it. But the job of the landing page is to call the reader into action. He does not want any more storytelling, but is already warm and eager to get what you have for him in your best internet home based business ideas.

It is very important that the reader can maintain the excited mood and start to do something right away, when he has arrived to the landing page. He also needs a lift again, after a long article reading, which means something nice to do.

As a webmaster you have also to donate something useful to him and of course to take his name and address. A donation can be a free report or ebook. It makes him feel good and more eager to get what you will soon offer. Now he is delighted and is willing to seek more surprises from your web site. And it is important to give him a gift that he will have a feeling that something more is coming and he is so thankful, that he stays the site.

Now you have his name and address in your optin list and you can put the autoresponder to send tips about the best internet home based business ideas. This is the major idea of an effective landing page. The follow ups are very important and you can mail him a lot of useful, quality material concerning different aspects of your home business.

To be able to find an effective landing page you can test different versions, to make a so called split test. The marketing articles are flexible medium for this. You simply use different links in The Author Box and see how many of the article readers will click the link and how many of them will fill in his name and email address and then just compare the results.
You can keep the landing page fresh by changing the copy, template and the gift regularly, because many of your site visitors are second contact visitors. By changing the free gift you can give them fresh ideas and a reason to visit again. This is a real customer service from your best internet home based business ideas website.

You see, the first impression is so important that it must be good. Many internet surfers will remember the first impression for years, it can form the whole image of your web site. The first impression starts a good visit experience, which will lead to bigger website sales and repeated visits.

The copy of your best internet home based business ideas on your landing page must be short. You just thank the visitor and want to give him a useful and valuable gift. What a visitor must do is only to write his name and email address into the form. Nothing else. He understands that those are required so that he is able to download the gift, which he so eagerly wants!
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