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Productiveness KPI

Nov 7, 2007
If one has the power to produce then the person can be termed possessing productiveness. That is the person is having productive quality. In business or in any front a person is analyzed in terms of productivity. In business all that matters is productiveness. The profit and loss is directly depending on the productiveness of the persons involved from the top management to the last level employees. So improving and maintaining of individual as well as collective productiveness is a necessity for keeping in pace with the competition from other players. Not just in business you take any field or organization, productiveness is an important factor for smooth functioning without bottlenecks.

What is KPI all about? KPI is the short form of Key Performance Indicators; it is also know as key success indicators. KPI are nothing but metrics of non-financial swell as financial, which are used for measuring the objectives for reflecting an organization's strategic performance. KPI helps an organization in defining as well as measuring the organizational goals progress. For understanding the current state of the business, as business intelligence KPI's are used. When present state is known lead to the further course of action is obtained. For valuing certain activities which are difficult to be measured, like engagement, service, leadership benefits, satisfaction etc.

KPI's for different organizations differs as per the organizational structure, its nature and its strategies. For a business the income customers' return is one of main KPI's. In the case of an educational institution the success rate or failure rate of the students is an indicator of the performance of the institution among other leading institution. So its necessary to recognize the KPI's for organizations for detailed study and for further applications. Some of the KPI's are; presence of business process which is pre defined, presence of mechanism for measuring the results qualitative as well as quantitatively with the fixed goals over a period, checking of variances as well as adjusting of process for achieving goals of short term.

Where do we require KPI? In business top management analysis areas are; turnover which is produced by the customers, numbers related to the customers, customer profitability on the basis of demography as well as customer sectionalization on the basis of profitability, default analysis of customer default of payments recovering of bad debts from customers without harming relation etc. Customer relationship managements formulate and deal with these KPI's. It's important to have right and congenial KPI data and it should be available on all times when it is required.

KPI's are further classified into actionable indicators, directional indicators, quantitative indicators etc. It is not always possible to measure up the indicators as per the requirements of the business process ad its objectives. Year to analysis of the performance by comparing KPI's are not worthwhile sometimes and it's not possible to compare KPI's of two companies. Defining the key performance indicators as well as retaining it for many years is important. There is need for fixing objective specific for each key performance indicator is necessary for better outcome.
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