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Using Blogs and Forums To Get Free Website Traffic

Nov 7, 2007
Blogs and forums are two most effective techniques to get free website traffic. Both have their own advantages. No matter, whether you are running an online business through your website or you are just having an informative website, it is very important for you to understand that until you run some promotional campaign for your website, no body will ever get to know even about the existence of your website in the huge pool of millions of websites on the World Wide Web.

Whatever objective you want to achieve using your website, it is possible only if your website is capable to attract some traffic. If you want people to come and visit your website, it is important for you to use the two best techniques to get free website traffic. These techniques are using blogs and introducing your website to lost of web forums.

Using Blogs

If you are an experienced Internet user, you are probably aware of the concept of blog. A blog is just like a website. The only difference is that you need to update the content of the blog on a very frequent basis daily in fact. In order to get free website traffic for your website, one of the best ways is to launch a blog, dealing in the subject of your website.

For example, if you are running a website on Yoga, the blog must deal in various aspects associated with yoga. You can either choose to build a free blog at blogger or you may also like to use word press and create your own blog, with a unique domain name. Here, you should note that in comparison to websites, the search engines detect the blogs very easily. Therefore, if you are offering quality and keyword rich content on your website, you will not have to wait much, in order to get free website traffic.

Using Forums

Web Forums are the platforms, where people come and share their views, experiences and opinions regarding a specific subject. Therefore, if you are running a website on yoga, you should visit some yoga related forums and introduce your website there.

This way, you can get free website traffic, because your comments and opinions will be accessed by the visitors of the forums. If there are thousands of visitors for that specific forum, you can easily get free website traffic for at least hundreds of them.
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