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Understanding Customer Engagement

Nov 7, 2007
Well, the life line of any business is a customer. Understanding Customer Engagement is very important to keep our current customers happy and keep them with us rather than going in search of a new customer. The task of marketing out for a new customer is a much more expensive process than retaining your current customers. So, it is very important to get updated on customer needs and to constantly understand customer engagement.

You better walk your talk to keep your customer engaged, because he is the end recipient of your product. He is going to advertise your services if he is overwhelmed and happy with your product and bring more leads to you. If you are going to dissatisfy him he is going to pass on the message and that might in turn affect the new customers coming in to your chain. Your existing customers advertise you better than your advertising team. It is worth spending some revenue to retain your existing customers rather. The cost to retain the existing one is less compared to start from scratch! You see remodeling an old strong house is worth it and a better idea than building a new house. The process is quicker and money saving too!

It is a common belief that companies do not spend on engaging customers online. It is far from true. Companies engage customers online, but there is a phobia in the marketing circle now because any dud customer gets to sue you for nothing at all. So even larger corporations are taking a back from too much of online engagement of customers as they spoil the company's reputation by simply blogging! Any body without any work at all sits down to create a group in the internet to criticize your company. People who don't even know who you are, go bluffing their way about your company. That takes just a few minutes for them and a lot for the company. So, online engagement of customers needs to be handled meticulously. So be careful when giving a response to online inquiries taking in to consideration the kind of feedback he is going to create for you!

Keeping your customer engaged over the telephone via a 24-hour call center, useful auto responders, and tailored administration handling for complicated clients keeps you a long run and saves you from losing valuable clients. Other communication strategies like e-mails, chats, voice mails, instant communication, social proof of your identity now and then, providing special contact links like numbers to dial you on outside business hours for platinum and long term customers are all a part of the game of Understanding and Engaging Customers.

One major criterion to have your client tucked to your belly is to beware of your competitors and what they have got to give for your prospective buyer of your services. Always remember, long-term buyers are Eagle-Eyed about better services and quality. Your competitor is going to hi-jack from many sources the list of your present platinum buyers and he is going to try every loop via Franchise coaxing him to his network by giving him grand offers. HE MAY EVEN GIMMICK HIM UNTIL HE SNATCHES YOUR CUSTOMER AWAY FROM YOU! So, keep you eyes every second watching what your potential competitor is up to.

Customer complaints and customer anxiety is one area to he handled. See to that your customer service executives do not use harsh languages to your client. Your executives are humans too! The dud client who may advertise you bad for no reason requires a little treatment too. It is not necessary you need to fall in every customer's feet, but teach your call center team to give the Dud Client right away a bash politely, making him feel happily slapped so that he will not further advertise you wrong for being denied a service. That requires an efficient TEAM. Remember your team is great promoters. You need to show now and then that you care for them too!

There are many more tricks in this field which comes with experience and a few nail biting events! So get to explore what they are by making customer engagement a top priority in your everyday business activities.
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