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Building a Home Business Success Story

Nov 7, 2007
It's begun - your home business is up and running, or at least up and ready to run. All that is needed are customers to run to you.

Thinking of, planning for and actually starting a home business based on one of your well thought out ideas is only part of the battle in the race to become a successful entrepreneur. You must sell yourself and you must do it in a way that sets you apart from others pursuing the same home business opportunity. Even the best home business ideas start slow if a plan isn't in place to 'get the word out' about the benefits of using you, your product or service.

Some people are born with the gift of salesmanship; most of us, though, are more attuned to working our business and not marketing it. We love doing the work of creating or providing goods and services. We hope others will appreciate that and flock to us, but the reality is that, like a good shepherd, must guide the flock in our direction.

In today's competitive business environment there are many means to market a home business so that your business idea doesn't remain just that - an idea. The following tools to market your home business, diligently applied, can ensure that you will enjoy many years of fruitful growth doing what you love: developing your home business idea so it is transformed into a profitable going concern.

Some Home Business Marketing Tools

* Provide excellent customer service: go above and beyond the standard norm for your particular business.
* Network: get out and meet people who may want and need your product or service. This can be accomplished through trade shows, business clubs, volunteer work, and guilds or associations related to your field.
* Have a business card at the ready - you never know when you will meet someone that might have interest in your product or service.
* Build a website and start a blog to assist in marketing efforts.
* Send out a simple newsletter on a regular basis to inform customers of the latest happenings in your business. This can be a paper copy or an e-newsletter.
* List your home business in the Yellow Pages (if your budget allows), classified ads, web directories, local announcement boards and the like. Get your name out there where it is visible for others to find.
* Create a sales package promoting your home business which includes: your business card, sales letter (on an attractive letterhead and in an attractive envelope), and a brochure or flyer. Send this to a targeted list of potential customers. Keep a sales package at the ready to hand out to prospects you happen upon in your daily course of living.

The best home business ideas will develop best if you take the time to market according to a predetermined budget. Marketing doesn't have to be expensive; sometimes marketing is as simple as you in front of someone else, talking about what you have to offer. Take time to identify the people and places where you can do this. The best home business opportunity is the one where you take advantage of opportunities to sell yourself and your business. So look for these occasions in your community and beyond if you want to broaden your market area.

Make it easy for others to find you by getting the information out so they know where to find you. As Ted Turner once said, "Early to bed, early to rise, work like hell, and advertise."
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