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A Few Steps on How to do Affiliate Marketing

Nov 7, 2007
Affiliate marketing is one of the simplest forms of business that you can do online. Unfortunately, many people are unsure as to how to approach this business. Consequently they find themselves making little or no money from their businesses. Disappointed, they often give up. In actual fact with proper knowledge and management, you can make a lucrative business from affiliate marketing alone. It is considerably more than being just a salesman for someone else.

Choosing a concept:
First, decide on a topic for your business that you are interested in and will enjoy building a business around. For example, you may be interested in the health and wellness industry. This is itself a huge industry with many different concepts within it. Each of these concepts can be developed into a specialty, niche, or market.

Choosing your market:
If you are interested in health and wellness, then try to find a niche within this industry. Finding a niche market within your industry is very important to make a profitable business. For instance, nutrition is a good market to find a niche as people are becoming more health conscious. Once you start exploring niches, then you will find new specialized markets opening up. Once you have selected your niche market and understood your market position, it is time to choose some related programs

Choosing an affiliate program:
When choosing your related programs, bear in mind which ones will be more profitable. High end products, although a little harder to sell, will bring in good profits once you have set up a successful marketing system. However, some of the best money to be made with affiliate marketing is through residual income.

Residual income with affiliate marketing:
The most profitable way to do affiliate marketing is to choose sponsors or programs that offer residual income. These programs will offer a residual or monthly income. For example, if you affiliated with a PLR or membership site, you will get monthly commissions for as long as the person stays as a member. As you join more programs offering residual incomes you will build a steady stream of income. This will mean that you will need very little marketing to build up a good passive residual income

Join 2 tier affiliate programs:
Another way that you can build a passive residual income with affiliate marketing is to join 2 tier affiliate programs. These programs will allow you to build a team of affiliates below you. You will gain a small commission every time they sell a product. Remember to make sure the program offers products or services that have residual or monthly commissions.

Try to build your own theme based website:
You will be able to join more affiliate programs and promote them all from one place. In this way you will be increasing your residual income and saving money on doing multiple promotions for each product. Be sure these products are all related to your main theme. Increase your commissions by starting your own free newsletter and building your opt-in list. You will be able to offer them your affiliate products and get them to join your programs.
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