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How to Learn about Passive Income and Achieve a Dream Life

Nov 7, 2007
A few years ago, somebody mentioned to me the term passive income. Back then, I did not have a clue at all what passive income really means. It was only years later that I realized its significance and learn about passive income. Passive income is a residual income earned to build great wealth from investments in areas such as real estate and business.

It is like the following story about Pete. Pete was working as a carpenter. He has been working for his company for 10 years. One day, he decided that he wants to be financially free. He went to a wealth creation seminar and learn how people can be financially free. He learn terms such called Passive Income. He realized that he needs to increase his passive income such that it will be more than his monthly expenses in areas such as bank loan, household expenses and auto loan for him to be financially free. Pete went around communicating with people such as business owners and entrepreneurs, read books on wealth creation and research on the internet about creating passive income.

Pete then realized that he can earn passive income by investing in area such as real estate and business. He created a plan. He started a part time home based business. After working with right system and team, Pete's home based business grows and he achieved a high level of success and become richer.

His passive income has increased gradually and his business grew exponentially. With part of the earnings, Pete went to build a franchise carpentry business. His business grew worldwide and he decided to become full time business entrepreneur. He did face setbacks in his business venture worldwide but Pete has developed great experiences from his part time days building his home based business to overcome challenges in the business.

Pete realized that his passive income increases again as he had setup the system to run his businesses effectively. With the right system, he bought another franchise carpentry business. His passive income increases once again. Pete realized that with right investments, his passive income and wealth increased. He became really wealthy and decided to invest into his real estate. He was having fun learning and investing in real estate. His wealth and passive income grew again.

Finally after years in business and real estate, Pete became a role model as an entrepreneur and with great amount of wealth and experiences; he set up the personal development foundation for the young generations. His foundation gives free financial and personal development education to the young. With his money working hard for him in areas of business and real estate, he traveled around the world with his personal development foundation team around the world to spread the financial and personal development education. Pete realized that he had achieved his great destiny in creating a wonderful life that positively impacts others.

Through financial education such as understanding on building passive income in areas such as home based business, franchise business and real estate, Pete was able to create a dream life that he thought was impossible once.
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