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The Winning Spirit

Aug 17, 2007
The personal success is a mind-state more than anything else. If a person honestly thinks he will get the things he wants, he will do so.

Researches about successful people.

A lot of studies have been made about this topic and as a common result: to achieve the results is totally a mental issue. Everything begins from our thoughts.

Small issues with huge impacts.

When a golfer drives the ball to 150 metres, the tiny difference of the club-angle before hitting the ball can mean 30 meter difference on the landing place.
A winner must do the details right. Small things matter.
If an internet marketer writes an adcopy, which will have average results, only by changing the places of two words the results can increase dramatically.

The winner takes it all.

A marathon run winner gets the prize worth ten times greater than the second one. The difference in winning can be one meter after 42195 meter run. Is the winner ten times better than the second one? Had the winner ten times better running shoes than the second one?
No. The winner had maybe the ability to do one or two changes in his thoughts during the last kilometer.

We sell our personalities.

An internet marketer, who got a new customer, got 100 % of it. He took it all. No-one else will pitch the same customer.
Was his product better? No, he offered the same program than hundreds others.
Was his price lower? No, he is not even allowed to touch the price.
Internet marketers donīt sell products, but their own personalities. They sell their winning spirits, which they transfer to the customers, who actulally want a share of their success.

The Pareto Principle.

70/30 or 80/20 or 90/10. Itīs called the Pareto principle. 90 % of sales is made by 10 % of marketers. 10 to 90 ratio. If a program has sales of $ 1 million a year and 1.000 members, the best 100 has the sale of $ 900.000 ( $ 9.000 each ) and the rest 900 has sales of $ 100.000 ( $ 111 each ). With the same program!

The reason to differences.

Huge differences in results cannot come from techniques only. The most important factor is a mental attitude. The winning spirit. Those small things in our thoughts.

5 to 95 ratio in internet marketing.

It is true that 95 % of marketers will fail. Only 5 % makes the success. On an individual level it means that 95 % of the efforts are not delivering and 5 % delivers the results.
The achievers in internet simply skip those 95 % after they have tracked and analyzed the results. They continue with the 5 % ones.

The marketersī background differences

In fact sometimes those who are highly successful and earn fifty times more per month running the same programs have lower education, are younger, run fewer campaigns, work fewer hours and have less experience. But they are masters to do the mental training. They know their strengths and weaknesses. They care about business details.
And they know what and why they do something.
Everyting depends on the winning attitude.
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