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How To Start Internet Home Business By Writing The Optimized Articles

Nov 7, 2007
You see, the most profitable and effective traffic is the organic, free and highly targeted traffic from the search engines. That requires that your website will rank high at the search result pages and that you have written a lot of optimized and related articles. When you have decided to do these, your question about how to start internet home business is solved.So the marketing is easy, just write articles and on the top of other benefits you will learn a lot.

1. How To Start Internet Home Business And How To Select The First Keywords?
First you will naturally select the topic for the article. Okay, after that you can write that topic into the keyword bar of your keyword selector software. Now you will get a lor of potential low and high demand keywords. The next thing is to research which keywords make it possible to climb to the top position at Google result pages.The best way is to select a high demand keyword for the core phrase and about five other keywords for the long tail, low demand keywords. In this way you can support your presence in several markets at the same time.

The target is to beat the present number one, so you have to research, why the number one is the number one. The key figure is the number and the quality of backlinks. To put it simply, you must be able to collect more backlinks than your competitor. The search engines use also athor elements for ranking but they are at least partly unknown, so lets concentrate on the backlinks.

If the keyword optimization is not well done and if the top site has no backlinks or minimal number your web site has the possibility to take that position. Note also that the positions of the different competitors will change all the time. The keyword optimization requires, that your keyword density is around 2 %, 2% of the article words are keywords.

2. The Article Content Must Be Useful And Encouraging.
The answer to the question on how to start internet home business with the articles works only, if the article content is useful for the reader and if the copy is encouraging. The major job of your article is to persuade the reader to click the the landing page link in the Author Box and to make him want more about the topic. The copystyle is the most important element so you can include the keywords so that they will naturally be parts of the article content. Remember that a great part of the readers are professional marketers, who will skip the reading if they see that it is badly optimized, i.e. the idea is only to fill the content with the keywords.

You can also pick the keywords for your internet business article, two or more, so that they follow each other, like internet business and internet business opportunity. This way you can easily put the keywords already into the title, without getting any problems with the beauty of the sentence.On the other hand keep in mind when you ponder how to start internet business, that the narrower keywords you have the more targeted or focused they are. And when you have managed with the narrow keywords, you can use wider ones later on.
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