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FAQ: An Effective Method To Generate Targeted Web Site Traffic

Nov 8, 2007
Among the various ways to generate free, web site traffic, FAQs have been found very effective. These can be used to advantage particularly if you focus on the keywords relevant to you website, which are the magnets that pull people to any website. Most websites have a page dedicated to FAQs and these can be tremendous goldmines to draw targeted web site traffic.

Using FAQs for the particular web site traffic

While designing your website makes sure that, each question along with its answer is on a separate page. Develop content for this page that is keyword rich. Not only will this be relevant to your site, but you will also be making your web site search engine friendly. In addition to this, every visitor that comes by your website will be able to find their query and answer easily whether they key in their search phrase within your website or through the search engines.

Getting the right keywords

The next step is to keep researching for the keywords via which people actually look for the kind of content you have on your web. It is a good idea to turn these into your FAQs so that your web site traffic for a targeted audience finds you easily. Also, you will find that you will go up in the search engine rankings when you find the right keywords relevant to your business and also to your customers. You could include frequently asked questions about your products and services, as well as general questions related to your website subject.

Phrases that bring in targeted web site traffic

Lots of people tend to key in the phrases how to and learn when they look for information on the Internet. So consider using them too, when you get your content together for your FAQ page. After you have short-listed your keywords, you can experiment with them to see whether they are effective enough to bring the web site traffic that you want. These keywords must be used as often as possible in a natural manner, but especially in your website title and sub titles. Of course, it goes without saying that your pages must be easy to navigate and quick to load without unnecessary graphics. Link your FAQ page to each page on your web site by using keyword rich link text. Preferably all your FAQ pages must be linked to an index page.
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