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The Benefits Of An Accelerated Nursing Program

Nov 8, 2007
Most of the people view nursing as a very noble profession. This is one of the reasons that have made the nursing profession a very interesting career option. However, many don't know one thing; there are many areas of specialization in the field of nursing. Having a career in this profession begins with a selection amongst various specializations. If you dream of becoming a nurse, then the first thing would be to select a field in which you want to specialize. If you already are a registered nurse and want to open up new opportunities, then telemetry nursing is an awarding career for you.

Nursing is a very exciting career as it gives you the opportunity to use your interpersonal and technical skills. Anyone can opt for a career in this field, as long as they wish to perfect the nursing techniques. Nurses provide care and comfort to the patients by connecting the patients to the machines that measure heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing, as well electrocardiogram machines. Nurses have to undergo specialized formal education so that they can be recognized as registered nurses.

Research shows that in the coming years, health care would face severe deficiency as a lot of currently practicing nurses would retire leaving a void in this profession! Hence, to fill this deficiency, health care services throughout the US as well as many colleges are offering advanced nursing programs to students. Any applicant can enroll for the program and the basic criteria would be that the applicant must have a bachelor's degree. Accelerated nursing programs are quite straightforward and the applicants get their degree immediately on the completion of the special course. Accelerated nursing programs have strict criteria about the number of credits that their applicants should have during enrollment. They select applicants who have graduated with subjects like Biology or similar courses in science. There are many students who opt for such accelerated programs, hence the selection criteria is very strict.

Most of the colleges and universities offer accelerated nursing programs and many students have been very successful after having completed such courses. These courses are excellent in order to get licensed. Accelerated nursing programs offer basic knowledge to the nursing students and in these programs the students are taught, biology, pharmacology, physiology and primary health care. Selected students have to complete a certain number of clinical hours as expected by the hospital or colleges, and accelerated colleges have strict and tough curriculum.

If you are interested in health care then you should go ahead and enroll yourself into an accelerated nursing program. Graduate nurses are required to get a state licensure after the completion of the program. In accelerated colleges, the students have the option of credit transfer, thus alleviating the working student stress. Many credits are transferred to Bachelor of Science, for which many colleges also offer accelerated nursing programs, and this is highly beneficial for those who work full time and have to manage family life too. Registered nurses are considered the best and are offered many lucrative benefits.
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