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Tips On How To Survive Nursing School

Nov 8, 2007
Nursing school is both, an exhilarating as well as a demanding experience. It is not very difficult, but not very easy too; it has its own set of stress levels, which you have to deal with. At times, you may feel depressed and might think about how you would survive nursing school. Well, there are a few guidelines that are discussed in this article, to help you overcome the pressure levels of nursing school and how to cope up with it.

How would you survive the examinations that are conducted in nursing school?

Well, it is not all that complicated. Each student has an individual kind of studying pattern and manner. No matter what your approach is, make it a point to allocate a sufficient amount of time to get yourself ready for the test. Cramming by no means is a good thing to do, since it simply enhances the level of pressure and would most probably bring about withholding of information. Try and keep all distractions at bay. Try to come out of your home or your dormitory and look out for a calm place where you can sit down and study peacefully. Take sufficient rest prior to the day of the exam. Be alert and read and follow all the instructions on the examination. Walk up to your teacher, if you require some kind of explanation on any of the questions.

How would you survive nursing schools by taking assistance from other people?

Try to get a hold of someone you can study with or create a study group. Considering the load of information that you are required to study, working along with fellow students for an examination, any kind of project or assignment would be extremely useful. You could even share notes with one another and cross-examine one another as well. In addition, you could teach a friend a topic that he or she is facing some kind of problem with and vice versa. If you are really very serious about your studies, make it a point to choose study partners who compliment your dedication.

How would you survive nursing school by making use of different resources?

There are a few essentials like books on nursing, medical journals as well as articles that need to be considered. There are a lot of topics that will be completed in class. However, you could complement this with your very own investigation and study. There are a lot of resources meant for nursing students that can be found on the Internet, where you are able to receive complete information and additional study assistance.

In addition, you could sign up for online forums meant for nursing students to intermingle with other students. Getting in touch with new friends and being a part of a community are definitely beneficial while dealing with the pressure of studies.

How would you survive nursing school when you have certain responsibilities like being engaged in a job and looking after a family?

You have to be organized. You are required to gain knowledge and yet, lay down your priorities and make up your mind regarding your investment in time. Chart out your actions cautiously, taking into consideration your responsibilities of being engaged in a job and looking after a family. For example, you could design your study schedule once the kids are fast asleep or when they are in school. As a result you would be able to pay more attention to them when they are with you.
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