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Do You Know Why Most People Fail At Earning A Full-Time Income Online?

Nov 8, 2007
There are two reasons that when overcome or corrected, virtually assure your Monster Online Income success.

You've probably heard that to become successful as an Internet Marketer, you must first find a Niche or area of expertise that you know or love. Often referred to as "your passion", you are directed to follow your dream. Just sell something you know about!

These "advisors" though well meaning, are horribly mistaken, and so therefore are their audience members. This advice will lead to certain disappointment and even failure. There are many mistakes that you can make (lazy, lack of perseverance) that can hinder your progress, but "doing what you love" will stop it dead before you even pour hours and hours of work and lots of money into your project. Nothing will fix this critical mistake!

So, what are the two crucial things that will ensure your Online Marketing success? What two things MUST be the foundation of any marketing endeavor?...

1) Large Demand

2) Buyers

Think about this; you examine your passions and then you might write a great eBook on how-to produce green golf balls.

There is NO demand for green golf balls - you could never find them in the fairway. Even if you discover there are a few searches on Google for them, and there is some interest in the golfing communities, you'd never be able to sell enough of them to make a few hundred dollars a month, let alone a living from sales of your eBook.

Similarly, building your budding business around your new website on a POPULAR topic like humor, jokes, funny pictures etc will only lead to hours of frustration, and disappointing sales. You might be able to monetize your website with the addition of Adsense, CPA Offers, CPM Banners etc, but your website will be lost in the ocean of similar sites that are already well established. There just isn't enough money there for everyone.

Certainly, you may argue, the demand is there, but the visitors looking for free jokes have a COMBINED value of "Zero".

So what MUST you do to make a huge income Online? How can YOU TOO achieve that six-figure income that you know is possible for you? You've seen those income levels accomplished by so many others - what about you? How can you get yours?

You MUST tap into a market that where there is a huge demand, AND that second MUST HAVE for a successful Online career in Marketing...

Valuable Visitors (Buyers)

You need visits to your website by BUYERS! You need people that have the wherewithal to purchase a solution to their problem.


If you approach Internet Marketing with this formula as your basis for marketing, you will have to TRY to stop the sizable income you desire! It WILL materialize!

You don't even need your own product! Thousands of Dollars are made monthly by affiliates of popular products that are created and owned by others.

If the affiliates can make thousands, imagine how much the owners of the products make.

You could find a product that has such a high demand from valuable visitors that you could sell thousands of units DAILY! Moreover, if it's a digital product, the cost of producing the product and delivering it is nearly ZERO!

However, it MUST begin with finding and tapping into a valuable demand!

And don't forget this: It's just as easy to market to a valuable demand market where the visitors are wanting to spend money to solve their problem, as it is to market an eBook on green golf balls.

These two factors - demand and a valuable visitor base will separate those millionaires who succeed in Internet Marketing from the wannabes.

Really, there is no great secret: Simply sell what thousands are already buying!

The answer to your quest is NOT selling to your passion! It's not even selling ABOUT your passion. It has NOTHING to do with your passions, your expertise nor even your interests.

It IS: Huge Demand + Valuable Visitors

So now it's up to you... are you tapping into markets with massive, valuable demand?

Or are you struggling to simply make a few dollars occasionally with a business that's based on your own passionate interests?
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