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Web Designer Needed - Should You Choose an Amateur or a Professional

Nov 8, 2007
Most companies that decide to branch out into the internet discover that they need to hire someone as the web designer. This is often a task that can be quite daunting as there is certainly no shortage of web designers online and definitely no shortage or programming languages available on the internet today. Deciding whether to use a professional or an amateur is something that can confuse even the savviest businessperson in a matter of moments.

Your business is your biggest dream and your greatest asset. If you are creating a presence online, it seems only natural that you should choose the professional normally. However, there are times when it often makes good business sense to instead choose to work with an amateur if a suitable web designer is available. How do you decide which is best for your business? The answer is not always easy and clear cut, however the final results should always be spectacular and leave you quite satisfied.

Most websites are certainly not cheap to develop. The more information, pictures, detail, and complex graphics you want on your page the more it will cost. The more pages you want on your site means you can once again watch the price rise quickly. However, while professionals tend to charge top dollar for their work it is sometimes possible to find an amateur who is looking to get started who will design your website much cheaper.

An amateur has several benefits, aside from being much cheaper. They tend to be much more willing to satisfy clients. Especially when starting out, they are much more likely to be highly geared towards customer service. Good word of mouth from satisfied clients is huge in the web design business. A satisfied customer for a web designer is an enormous accomplishment that allows them to add another site to their portfolio as well as another addition to their references list for future clients.

A professional may be your better option if you are looking for a site to be delivered for sure on time. If you have a specific deadline that simply cannot be missed then it may be worth the additional money to invest in the professional. However, if your deadline is flexible then taking a chance on an amateur can save you several thousands of dollars off the costs of your site. Another benefit to a professional is they tend to be in business for a very long time. If your site needs upgrades or maintenance, you know whom you can easily contact. Using an amateur you may need to find someone else later to handle maintenance and upgrades for you, rather than the original designer.

Regardless of whether you are choosing a professional or an amateur, it is vitally important to ensure that you ask to see samples of previous work. While the professional should have a much larger portfolio, the amateur should still have something that they can show you to demonstrate their skills. If they have nothing at all, that is live on the internet then it may be best to avoid them until they have had time to create a page to have live on the internet.

Remember, while saving money in business is important, you do not want to save money at the risk of having a poorly designed website. You also do not want to pay for a website that does not actually appear either. Selecting the best web designer for your needs is something that may take some time to fully decide in order to be completely happy with the results. However, using your best judgment and comparing portfolios is always a great step towards the right direction.
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