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5 Highly Effective Traffic Generation Tips

Nov 8, 2007
I have been doing this for the last 10 months and below I am sharing 5 highly effective methods that I found to drive traffic to my website.

Of course just like there are different people there are also different websites and depending on what you offer these may not suit your business type.

As you read through them look at whether you are currently using them and if you are not whether it is worth testing it out for effectiveness over a few months.

Writing articles is still one of the most effective ways to drive traffic to your site. Not only because the article site will feature them but also because other people will use them in their blogs, on their websites, in their ezines and in other places online.

As each article contains your bio that includes your details and website (which must remain as part of the conditions of people using your article) you are being promoted by other people for no cost!

Using an article distribution service is one the quickest way to ensure your articles is featured far and wide.

Social networks
Social networks are websites that are driven by the community. So they provide community driven content which means there are people constantly visiting the site.

This has to be one of my most active traffic generation methods and there are plenty to choose from.

I join because they allow me to post events, classifieds, bulletins and messages that other people will read. In addition you also have your own profile that allows you to talk about who you are and link to your website(s).

Another popular web 2.0 site is called Squidoo.com and allows you to set up a lens which is a website containing information that you want people to know. Squidoo lenses usually appear on the front and at the top positions in search engines so when you use your key words effectively even if your website isn't at the top of a search chances are your Squidoo lens will be so its worth taking the time to create one.

A podcast is an audio which has been given a special xml link.

The great thing about podcasts rather than audio is that people can download your audio mp3 file and listen to it whenever they want to using their ipod, PDA, computer or other device.

The other great thing about podcasts is that people can subscribe to them using an RSS link which is shown as an orange button. A subscriber clicks on that link and all your podcasts are automatically downloaded, which means they do not have to keep returning to your site to download your latest podcast.

I love blogging and I blog a lot. Blogging provides you with an opportunity to add posts daily about what your business is doing and of course add links to your websites. Search engines love blogs because of their regular, fresh, updated content.

One of the most popular blogging platforms is wordpress.org and remember you do not have to settle for one blog either because as long as they are on different platforms you can include the same information in all of them.

At a recent internet marketing seminar Armind Morin told us during his talk that he has 9,000 blogs! So do not limit yourself to owning just one if you want to use blogs as a money making business tool.

Make sure you include your blog and podcast feed in feed burner because this will add to your ability to attract targeted traffic.

Social Book Marking Sites
It has now become popular to add your articles, blog posts, videos and podcast to popular social book marking sites like Technorati, Digg and Del.ici.ous because people can vote on them as well as save them for future reference.

These are fantastic places to get instant targeted traffic because people will naturally come over and take a look at your site after reading your post on a social book marketing site.

Also if people are interested in something you have shared or said they have the ability to tell other people about it and this is one of the easiest ways.

The thing to do here is to make sure that your post is key word rich so that you will also rank high if someone searches the site for that key word on the site.

So those are my top 5 although along with articles I would also rate press releases highly too if you can afford to send them out.

If you can not afford a press release these top 5 methods are all free to take part in and can give your internet based business a great start.
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