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Free Website Traffic Through Niche Specific Sites

Nov 8, 2007
There are many niche specific websites that can be used to generate free website traffic. Some examples are DIGG, PlugIM, MarkTD etc. You can generate more and more traffic to your website using with the help of these sites. Though DIGG initially had niche related content catering to technophiles and geeks, it has grown with many more categories being added later. The thing is, you could be restricted to creating content related to the categories on the site, therefore make sure you comment on or post to categories that are connected with the links, you provide so that you can benefit from them..

DIGG is basically a community driven site where, as a member you would be expected to post content that you think would benefit the community. Depending on how interesting and valuable your content is, you could get to the home page of DIGG and through this, get huge amounts of traffic on your site. This social book marking site is a great resource to get quality traffic and popularity as well.

Some Tips For Posting Content On DIGG

People on DIGG look to share new information with each other, therefore, a catchy title with lively descriptions would work well. There are a certain amount of votes or digs you are expected to get within 24 hours, based on which you would be promoted to the front page which in turn will divert free to your site.

The first thing to remember is that your comments on DIGG must be relevant because if it is not, your post might never appear. So be as much on topic as possible since this could start up a long thread of discussion that will keep that coming. Preferably, if you intend commenting, it is better to go for a first post comment. Do not add a fresh comment to an already existing comment since it makes more sense to reply to that first comment.

Like DIGG, there are now hundreds of niche-specific sites that you can consider using to generate more crowd on your website. Since it is almost a matter of chance to get to the home page of DIGG, several Internet marketers are starting their own DIGG-like websites or social book marking sites to generate more crowd to their sites.

If you start your own niche website, you too can benefit from the millions of writers and bloggers who will be interested in posting to that niche.
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