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Create Residual Wealth Through Network Marketing

Nov 8, 2007
Simply put, the best part about network marketing is that you don't need to have special talents or skills to do well. Anyone can do it, but so few people are. Most people are taking the road that's expected of them: get an education, get a job and hopefully retire with enough money to live through your golden years comfortably.

Participating in MLM, or multi-level marketing, while not the traditional road to financial security, is one way to step outside the norm and potentially make a lot more money than you're making now. Not to mention the fact that it's something that you can do without quitting your current job.

A simple fact: MLM programs wouldn't exist if nobody was making money from them. So you know you can make money through network marketing, but with so many programs, it can be a tough choice as to which one you wish to spend your time pursuing.

GDI (Global Domains International) owns the .ws internet domain name extension (for example: www.domainname.ws ) They are a true Inc500 listed, debt-free corporation and have a proven, successful track record. Essentially, they're the home for all .ws websites.

This MLM program works on the basis that the .com internet real estate market is far too overcrowded for aspiring webmasters to make any money off of it. Instead, you'll be able to cash in on the still young .ws internet domain.

You'll be able to view a short presentation to explain all of the details, but the important parts are as follows: Signing up is completely free. If you find that you don't have the time or energy to follow some simple steps, just quit the program before the free trial time is up and go on your way. Also, there's no actual selling involved whatsoever, the presentation video is the sales material and it's all that's needed to begin a successful network marketing career.

The product itself, a unique www.'yoursite'.ws domain name is yours to do with whatever you want. Use it for personal or business applications.

If you pick a great domain name that receives lots of hits, you can simply put an ad manager program (like google adsense) on the page and make more money on top of the money you'll make for referring people to the product.

Working with GDI, you can easily create residual wealth. This is the best kind of wealth. For example, referring just 10 people to GDI in one month who each refer 5 people to GDI means that you'll get $50 per month, year after year, after year. Just 10 people and one month's work, you'll have an extra $120,000 in 20 years.

More than likely, you'll refer many more people and those people you refer will refer more people and so on up to the fifth level of referral. (There's a handy income calculator at the site to that'll show you how it all adds up)

This win-win type of network marketing is by far the best type there is. The product is useful, the demand for it is astronomical and it's still in its early stages.

Get in on it while you still can.
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