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Time For Indoor Team Building?

Nov 8, 2007
The size of the room you plan to host the event is crucial, you need to communicate the size and any restrictions to the team building company. Remember details such as the shape of it - is it square or is it L shaped? Are there any pillars in it that could either obscure teams view or act as a safety hazard? These are all important details for the successful hosting of indoor team building events.

Is your meeting room on the ground floor, does it have direct access into it for equipment? If it's not on the ground floor, does it have lift access and if so can that lift fit the event equipment in it?

Is your team build likely to be noisy? If you are planning a drumming workshop have you actually checked with the venue that they allow it? Noisy events such as musical activities can often disturb other guests, it's crucial that you obtain permission or your event may be made to finish abruptly on the day.

Setting up for an indoor team building event often means that the team building company will need a good deal of time alone in the room. Find out exactly how much time they need and then see if it's feasible for you. Can they set up before your meeting starts? Could they set up during lunch? All these details need to be considered.

Is the team event a surprise? If it is, then can your delegates see into the room while it is being set up? If they can, then you will need to arrange for the doors or windows to be covered to ensure that the secrecy is maintained and the impact is not lost.

Have the team building company got all the equipment that they need to host your indoor team building event? Do you need to supply microphones, if so are they hand held or clip? Do they need a PA system? Do they need a projector or a screen? Make sure you establish exactly what the events company will and won't be supplying or your event might not run as smoothly as you hope.

If you don't know the answers to some of these questions, then speak to the events company. Any reputable company will be happy to speak to the venue on your behalf and find out the details for you. They'll also let you know what they supply and what's left for you to supply because at the end of the day they will want your indoor team building event to be a resounding success too!
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Shaun Parker has been providing business with indoor team building and indoor team building events for the last half decade.
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