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Print Advertising: The Long Lost Marketing Heavyweight?

Nov 9, 2007
Have you implemented a sound marketing strategy for your home business enterprise?

Do you have a plan? If not, this should help:

Put on your boxing gloves. You may need them. We're going in for the knock out.

Over the years, the Internet has naturally become the primary means of marketing products, services, or information. This will always be the case. However, as popular as the Internet is, it is NOT the only profitable way to market.

In our modern day of high-speed technology, many seem to forget that the "tried and true" method of direct response marketing through print advertising can still prove to be another very profitable way to go.

Did you know that right now, right here in the 21st Century, the world's top direct response marketers are having more success than ever before with their "offline" marketing efforts? I'll explain why in a moment.

Seems hard to believe since everyone is online today, right?

It's mainly because basic human nature has not changed, nor have human buying triggers. Having something tangible in hand that can be touched is still trusted more than words or images on a computer screen.

In spite of the Internet's capability of reaching out to millions of viewers in a matter of minutes, a printed circular or post card in hand still goes a long, long way and has a different feel to it.

Plus, you have your prospects undivided attention since your ad is not side by side with many, many others. Don't forget the fact that a newspaper ad or post card can sit on someone's coffee table for days at a time. This is called "advertising shelf life."

I have magazines sitting around for weeks with ads that caught my attention that I have not yet done anything with. But I may because I know the ad is still sitting there. Get my drift?

Think about it, when you get a printed circular or post card that you can hold in your hand you tend to look at it as something a bit more real that is produced by an actual person whom you can identify with. You don't generally look at it as some unknown face or entity hiding behind a computer.

Although, online audio and video presentations are alleviating much of the impersonal touch as of late and is adding that all important personal touch that has been missing on the internet in years past.

I personally add pictures and audio to every web site I ever post and you should too. I am now in the final stages of adding a full three minute streaming video to one of my sites in the weeks ahead as well.

Printed forms of advertising and direct mail pieces have stood the test of time, and have proven themselves over and over again against everything that has come and gone.

Here's proof from the biggest advertising heavy weight of all time:

Google Adwords, the world's largest online advertising platform has just rolled out a feature for its users in which you can now place your advertisements in multiple national newspapers across the United States without having to actually even deal with the newspapers.

If Google has implemented an "off line" newspaper advertising platform within its "online" advertising platform, there is a huge demand for it. Why? Because off line advertising still works. Period.

Here's something else to think about:

Most people go online looking for information, not sales offers. So the chance of them running across your online offer is slim. However, when a printed circular or direct sales offer is physically placed in the hands of people, they will put forth the effort to seek out the source of the offer.

It doesn't matter if it's right up the street from them or online, the printed advertising piece established a certain form of credibility and allowed you to grab a different audience.

And here's the best part:

Due to the internet, you can now send your "offline" prospects back "online" to your web site for the best 1, 2 punch in existence.

You can attract them off line and drive them back to your online marketing system - the best of both worlds. Your web site can then properly highlight benefits and give access to the offer while automating much of the work.

With offline advertising, you don't have to worry about getting traffic to a web site, search engine optimization or any of the other popular online techniques. People coming online to your web site after reading your advertisement or printed direct sales piece are generally looking to buy the product or service offered.

The Internet should wisely be used in combination with off line marketing as an extension of your advertising and sales efforts.

ALL the top direct response marketing pros are now using a combination of off line and online marketing as an overall strategy. You attract a whole new audience off line that you may not have had the opportunity to get in front of online for whatever reasons.

More and more you will begin seeing web sites requesting your physical address AND your email address.

Most internet only advertisers will likely see their sales efforts pay off in a much greater way by combining print advertising and/or direct mail with their online methods. It's a bit more work but well worth it long term.

Now that you realize the benefits and advantages of offline advertising, do yourself and your business a favor and create an offline marketing campaign to partner with your online marketing campaigns.

Go in for the knock out punch!
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