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The Old New Tool That Can Improve Your Internet Marketing Online Business

Nov 9, 2007
Technorati is the largest blog search engine online. According to their recent statistics, there are now over 94 million blogging web sites online with 175,000 being created everyday. Very impressive growth for this new/old technology but the most impressive number and the one which affects your business the most is the one from the Pew Internet & American Life Project. They estimate that 57 million adults read blogs on a regular basis. That's a lot of potential customers for your internet business which is why you should start setting up a blog right now.

Quite of few of the mega online companies have taken advantage of this phenomenon. Instead of going the traditional route, these companies have put their trust in blogging and been rewarded with business growth and profits rivaling anything they did previously.

Of course you do not have to have to be a multi-national corporation to jump into the blog pool. The fact that blogs are usually an all in one package, easy to set up and easier to run makes it ideal for small and home based businesses. Also considering blogs are loved by search engines, you can go a long way to raising your online visibility.

Now this does not mean blogging is a set it and forget it enterprise. The money and site traffic is not going to come rolling in without some serious effort on your part. They include:

a. Regular updates
You have probably seen those blogs which have not updated their content since Eisenhower left office. Okay I'm exaggerating but the point is if you do not add fresh content to your blog website on a regular basis, search engines will not visit.

Try to post to your blog at least three times a week. If you can do more, fine, It's also going to help if you write most of the content yourself. People want a fresh unique perspective they can't find anywhere else. A good resource to assist you would be staying up to date with current affairs. It can be the latest political news or which celebrity is on their way to the hoosegow. Whatever it is, try to incorporate it into your blog content.

If you are unsure about writing, you can always outsource the job to any number of article writing companies. Either or, the point is to update your blog website frequently.

b. Sound off
No matter your topic, you must have a place for your blog readers to express themselves.
This can help you in targeting your desired audience. Even if just one person comes to your blog at least they are showing up. Invite criticism and suggestions. Use them as a gauge to find out how to attract more people to your blog.

One other major benefit to having a comment section is that every time a person provides feedback, the search engines view it as fresh content on your blog website; meaning they will crawl your site more often.

c. Linking
There are a couple of ways you want to do this. The first is getting one way links to your blog website. This is usually done in the form of writing articles. When you submit an article to the many directories, other bloggers may see it and post it to their site. By having a link in the byline of your article pointing back to your blog, this will provide you with one way links.

Another way is to just start contacting other blog owners and trade links with them. While not as valuable as a one way link, reciprocal linking is still effective. Just make sure the blog you are link exchanging with is within your niche but not in direct competition with you.

Monetize your blog by linking to different tools and resources that your blog readers can utilize. Also, it is okay to point them to a resource which has no connection to your site. People will appreciate the additional information

Blogging is only going to grow and become more interactive. Do yourself a favor and setup your blog now, update it frequently with unique information, invite feedback and implement your linking strategy. By doing this you are bound to see better marketing results for your online business.
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