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Make Money With Ebay - Discover Some Tips On How To Succeed Selling On Ebay

Nov 9, 2007
Ebay is one of the most visited websites on the internet and its popularity is growing as more and more people are realizing the benefits of shopping on eBay. People are becoming more aware of the fact that they can purchase many items from eBay at much lower prices than anywhere else. Learning how to sell products on eBay can be very lucrative but you must know what you are doing.

The eBay marketplace has become very competitive and separating yourself from the competition is critical if you want to be able to run a profitable eBay business. The first step is to register and either make a purchase or generate a sale. When either of these happen you will receive the status of 'verified' and you can also now get feedback from other buyers and sellers. This feedback is critical as most buyers will only purchase from those that have 100% positive feedback ratings.

Make sure that you are delivering quality products and ensure that your product descriptions are accurate. Remember that even 1 negative feedback can ruin your reputation and your sales will decline dramatically. Make sure that you accept paypal payments as this is the preferred method of payment by most buyers on eBay.

It is easy to get a paypal account, it is free and you can also upgrade your account to a business account for free also and begin receiving larger amounts of money quickly. Offer other forms of payment also like money orders or cheques but make sure that you clearly describe any holding periods or such so as to avoid complaints from your buyers.

When it comes to selecting a product to sell you need to make sure that it will be profitable. This means that you need to find wholesalers, ideally drop shippers that will also ship the product to your customer, that will sell you products cheaply. Also you need to do a history check on eBay and look for products that have sold well in the past and use them as clues as to what you need to be selling. Use the eBay search function to do research on products, just type in a keyword and start going through the listings and you will get an idea of what products work well and also the price that they have sold for in the past.

Look for products that are unique and are not being offered by too many other sellers. This will help you to attract the highest bids as you will be one of the few with those kinds of products. Make sure that you take the time to do your research and planning as this will make a significant difference in your end results. Drop shipping is often a great idea as it can save you significant time and space as you will not need any inventory. Look for as many drop shipping wholesalers as you can and find out about the products they offer as well as their reputation for delivering excellence.

Remember that if your drop shipping wholesaler is poor at delivering then this will show up as negative feedback in your eBay account and this is one thing you must avoid at all costs. When you starting out on eBay do not use the 'buy it now' feature but rather stick to the auction format. Remember that people want to bid and get a good deal as that is the main reason they come to eBay. Also start with a low initial bid as this will increase the level of bidding activity on your products.

The eBay site itself has significant information about the auction process as well as many hints and tips on how to succeed selling on eBay so make sure you read through the faqs on the site and most important of all learn from your experience. Stay committed to selling on eBay and stick with it as there is plenty of money to be made. You are bound to encounter challenges along the way but as long as your commitment is strong you can find a way to succeed in eBay marketing.
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