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The Perfect Business And Social Networking Community.

Nov 9, 2007
Capitalizing on the fastest growing global Internet trend.

The global Internet community continues to grow at an amazing rate. From 70 million people in December of 1997, as reported by International Data Group, to 1,245 million in September of 2007 as forecast by Internet World Stats. Representing a growth from 1.7% of the worlds population to 18.9% in a short span of just 10 years and that's only the beginning.

In those very few years, the Internet has morphed into a very powerful platform that has changed the way we communicate with each other and the way we do our everyday business. The Internet, as with no other medium, has expanded the International or Global dimension of the world. It has become a universal source of information and business opportunities. For a very low investment, anyone can create a web page for social or business networking. Almost any individual or business, no matter the size or the location, can reach a very large market, socially or for e-commerce, fast and economically.

With that said, it brings us to one of the fastest, if not the fastest, growing segments of the world wide web, business and social networking communities. We've all heard of them and many have participated in some, such as MySpace, YouTube, MSN Groups, Blogger and the list goes on and on. If we had all been very smart, had a crystal ball and a few extra shekels laying around, we would have all invested in these companies and retired somewhat the better.

The latest rapidly growing segment of the networking community is online business networking sites.
With a global outreach this type of site can reach the ever expanding global populace using the internet, allowing them to connect with virtually any individual or business. Anyone can use networking sites to expand their business while making invaluable contacts world wide and to do some of the easiest, cheapest and smartest form of advertising available.

The latest and maybe the most interesting of the next generation of networking sites is called the gibLink Community, standing for Global Internet Business Community. This new business and social Internet community has incorporated global revenue sharing into the mix so that all of its advertisers/subscribers can have a share of the revenues generated. Now let's imagine a global Internet community with millions of business people from around the globe, networking and sharing ideas, and now benefiting from a revenue sharing plan. Ponder this: How much is Google worth? You get the picture.

Just launched two weeks ago on October 15th Forbes business magazine had this to say about gibLink:

"On Monday, September 24th the giblink conference call was swamped with over 20,000 people who wanted information.

What if you had had the chance to revenue share with the owners of MySpace, YouTube, GoDaddy or Google? That would be the opportunity of the century!!!!

Now imagine for a moment, a company that could bring all the best elements of these companies under one roof with a primary focus on a business social networking community, designed for small, medium and even home business entrepreneurs around the world to promote, advertise and expand their core business to compete in the global marketplace."

All in all gibLink has set itself up to be a Global Internet Business community designed to make connections that count and:

* Promote yourself and your business
* Create a network of business connections
* Promote to new potential customers and like minded people around the globe
* Create a network of business connections to refer business to each other
* Expose your business to a Global Audience
* Publicize and find forthcoming Business and Social Events
* Create and announce Blogs, Clubs and Classified Ads
* Expand your business to capitalize on the hottest in-demand web services globally
* Expose your business to a Global Audience

gibLink is set to change the way people do business and it is the first worldwide collaboration of entrepreneurs from across a very wide business spectrum. We can view gibLink as the next evolution in online business networking or social networking sites designed to aid everyone doing business in a new global business environment.

One of my very favorite sayings applies oh so well to a new global venture such as the gibLink Community: If you do today what you did yesterday, will you be where you want to be tomorrow?

God Bless and Always Remember To Make It A Great Day!!

Michael J Kohn
New Image Marketing Group, Inc.

Please Visit Us At: http://www.gibLinkCommunity.com
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Michael Kohn is the president of New Image Marketing Group Inc. With a background of over 25 successful years in sales and marketing he brings a modern and easy to follow approach to direct sales and internet marketing. Please Visit Us At: http://www.gibLinkCommunity.com
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