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Nov 9, 2007
Bank process the check with a very cognizant practice. A practice that seems to be outmoded in significance of today's modernizing technology. But it will always be the standard because from banking process, the modernize tools to contribute ease and convenience for the people is created and presented. Indeed, bank processing the check is collectively essential with the team participation of each department in order to reach the banking goals - to satisfy its customer to make them recurring or fulfilled clients apparently will give income for the bank.

Banks are the businesses that keep money for individual people or companies, exchanges, currencies, makes, loans, and offer other financial services. The Key Bank at Washington is open for 24 hours to process financial transaction under with tight deadlines' pressure and bulky volumes.

Check processing through bank is a very distressing procedures and call for large number of employee to perform every department's job - from the teller to the executives; all must participate for the attainment of customer's satisfaction. The real works just begin as the check is processed on the counter by a teller of your bank branch.

The process begins with the journey of the check starts on the distribution area where all assured proof work is handed over the incurring department. Then, the incurring department measures the proof check and estimates the number of items; and, distributes it to the operator. Then, the operator encodes the dollar amount along with any missing account number and routing numbers with micro ink. The micro ink character recognition (MICR) found at the bottom of the check will enable sorting machine to read the check. The operators will check and make sure that all transactions are on balance before sending them on the sorter. The sorter reads the micro ink character recognition on the bottom of the check: sort them and categorize them. The sorter machine microfilmed the check as it sorts and also endorses the check, and prints them with unique sequence number.

A microfilm printer contains a xerographic copying process, like a photocopier. The image to be printed is projected with synchronized movement on to the drum. These devices offer either small image preview for the operator or full size image preview, when it is called a reader printer. Microform printers usually accept positive or negative films, to give positive images on paper. When the sorting machine can not function to read the check MICR font, the proof check will be then delivered to the reconciling department.

The reconciling department finds and corrects all the rejected items from the sorter. Then the department balances all of the captured check and sends the transfer out to the other banks. Afterwards, all the reconciling works done; information on account is transferred to the holding system. When holding finish processing any exceptions were on composed items it is preceded to auditing. Auditing the check essentially needs speed and accuracy.

Finally, all Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) or Bounced Check is returned to other banks within 24 hours or the bank takes the lost. Adjustment of bank accounts with marking and keeping several years on microfilm and microform records for all checks. Branches can key in inquiry online and get the customer copy of their check for positive items. In order to obtain the copy of the check, the auditing will acquire the sequence order from the holding system. When it is time to mail out the check with customers' statement, the checks are sorted from their account number order and delivered to the matchmaker. Customers' statements are assembled with checks and the other mergers.

Competent and skilled employee to project and perform the job well done and the opportunity to maximize the services into satisfying and fulfilling terms: is a good discipline significance to help organizations achieve a competitive advantage in each of their marketplaces.
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