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How The Millionaires Made Their Millions

Nov 9, 2007
Think of money as points that you get for creating something considered valuable by society. The more valuable the product or service you create the more points (money) you will get. You can give those points to others in order to receive something valuable from them. How are you controlling the flow of points in your life?

Now consider what value is. In anthropological terms, value is something that enhances the survival chances of the person who receives it. Human activity is directed toward procreation. Humans get an education, go to work, and mate with their significant other and raise kids that will continue the cycle. A frigerator is valued because it helps store and maintain the freshness of foods, a technology which improves a family's survival fitness. A person will value a television or a computer because it keeps them entertained (entertainment fosters creative mental development), knowledgeable (in regards to the news and technological advances that could further enhance their survival fitness). That which does not have value is something which reduces one's ability to survive and procreate. Thus, criminals, disease, disasters, faulty products, and other negative things are not valued by society. That which gives life is valued, that which takes away life is the opposite of value.

So, think about how you can improve the lives of others. What product or service can you create that will enhance their ability to live longer, be entertained, or more knowledgeable. All of these benefits build upon each other. The greater the spectrum of benefits that you can provide to others the more value you create and the more money you will earn. The world is hungry for value. Do you have a talent, skill, or knowledge set that can help others. Everyone is good at something. Make the decision to unleash the totality of your valuable services upon society and watch large sums of money flow into your life.

Keep in mind that most wealthy people have at least some form of college education. Of course there are many people with minimal schooling who have succeeded, but additional education has a correlation with increased levels of wealth. The world is a very complex place where the person who knows many of the angles is likely to be more successful than the person who does not.

Many wealth individuals posses a high level of honesty and integrity. After all, if one is not honest in his business dealings then he will soon lose business and seriously hurt his chances of making a profit in the future. The more honest you are in your dealings with others the better you have a chance of succeeding in the marketplace.

Wealthy people value wealth. People attract to themselves that which they think is good and repel that which they think is bad. Most wealthy people do not view money as being sinful or taboo. They see money as a tool which they can use to help themselves and others.

Most wealthy people understand money. They study books on investing, saving, and creating wealth. The more they learn about money handling skills the more money they are likely to create , invest, and safeguard the future.

Most self made millionaires have a desire to create value in the world. They know that the more people they help the more money they will receive in return. They know the ultimate principle that one gets back from society what one gives.
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