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The Advantages Of Online Coupons

Nov 9, 2007
Most people are used to buying things with regular paper coupons. They offer a great way to save money on our favorite products. However, more and more people are starting to use online coupons. If you're not used to using these, you may wonder what they are, how they work, and if you can get online coupons for the products you want to buy. Instead of going through the paper, looking for coupons to clip, why not try pointing your web browser to an online coupon site instead? Here's how.

Online coupons come in two kinds: coupons used in online shopping and those that you print out and use at your retail store. Coupon sites give you access twenty four hours a day, and allow you to get coupons only for the brands you want to buy. This can give you significant savings on the products you really want. With just a click, you'll have access to the savings you need, instead of having to go through paper after paper.

You can find online coupons in several different ways. Coupons meant to be used while shopping online are usually found at the site where you'll use them, such as Amazon. Coupons that you're going to find online but use offline may either be found on the manufacturer's website, or on a site that compiles coupons from multiple companies.

When you get coupons from the manufacturer, called direct coupons, you'll either download them to your computer, or receive them via email. Either way, you simply print the coupon clearly, and use them just like conventional coupons. Coupon sites will either permit a direct download and print in the same way, or allow you to choose the coupons you want and have them mailed to you.

Online coupons are becoming more popular than the paper kind with some people because they're so easy to access and use. You can organize your coupons just by saving them as browser bookmarks. Be sure to check and verify that the coupons you're downloading are the real thing.

It's easy for people with graphics software to spoof coupons. This means that without researching the deal, you could find your coupon denied at the store. Because of this, some retailers don't take home printed coupons.

Here's what to look for to make sure your online coupon is genuine:

A barcode, identification number, and an expiration date for around four to six weeks from now. Real coupons almost always have expiration dates.

A photo of the product, or the logo of the manufacturer.

Savings that are reasonable. If the deal seems too good to be true, it may be a fake. Most grocery coupons won't save you more than two dollars.

Limited printings. Manufacturers will suffer if everyone can print a coupon unlimited times, so real coupons usually limit you to a certain number.

To get started using online coupons, look for them on the websites of your favorite brands, or search for an online coupon community that will help you find the best deals. Online coupons could be the new, easy way for you to save money.
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