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Generating Insurance Leads

Nov 9, 2007
Insurance has been around for decades and for it to now be a virtual household name there had to be marketing and lead generation! So what did they do over the last few decades to make this happen? There are many ways to capture leads and market your insurance products online.

We all need insurance even though we don't like to admit it. We often don't think about insurance so how do you get other too. Show them what they need to stay safe and protected this is the overall purpose for insurance. Whether it is auto insurance, life insurance or health insurance we all need it!

Auto Insurance leads can be generated though finding people interested in their vehicle. There are many people out there who want it to stay running. So show them how you plan to help, show them what you can offer that other Auto Insurances can't. Provide them with useful and interesting information that can't find anywhere else this will bring in the visitors. Then talk to them as you would want someone to talk to you. Don't talk at them talk to them. People don't want to hear a bunch of cold facts they want to hear real live situations and how it will benefit them. With so many companies out there providing them with the same services people are becoming deaf to sales pitches, and reoccurring deals. Present them with new and creative way to reach them!

Life Insurance leads is something people don't think about at all! I mean who really wants to think about the possibility that they will die? Learning a new angle will give you the upper hand. Knowing your material and asking them questions such as as: Have they learned any useful information from speaking with you? Will it keep their attention and make the conversation interactive. Remind people about things like not leaving debt on their children with no means to pay it, or planning for your children's future this will bring target visitors to your site!

Last but not least: Health Insurance leads should be easy to find however there are so many people providing that people don't know which one to choose. Targeting audiences that are not employed but self employed will help you gain interested audiences. Giving them information on heart disease, diabetes, and other tips on your site will bring people who need health insurance and generate new potential leads. Health insurance leads can be generated with a little persuasion and techniques.

In all you can gather several leads with creativity and new ideas. Looking for a new angle will drive many people to your site; developing relationships with potential customers can give you a chance for referral services. Referrals are leads that have been given to you by others these leads don't always end up on your lists however they will still give you new marketing contact for further services.

Remember think creative and be innovative and you will always get the leads!
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Matthew Meyer is a lead geneartion specialist. He manages Interleads.net lead geneartion portal. You can find out more about lead generation techniques and even place your free ad on his lead geneartion site here.
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