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The Art Of Reselling Web Hosting

Nov 9, 2007
Should you consider reselling web hosting? Is it the business for you? If that is the question you are asking yourself, you have come to the right place.

Think about this question now, if you would, without web hosting would the internet exist?

The answer, sure the capabilities might exist, but without hosting space, would we have websites? No.

Would we have the ability to go shopping online from the comforts of our home? No.

Would we have the ease and convenience of doing online research? No.

Therefore, web hosting is essential to the world of the internet. Now, I know you are saying well there are many different people reselling web hosting.

Yes, that is true, but does that mean you should not consider reselling web hosting as a business opportunity? No, it does not.

Everyday there are thousands of internet businesses starting up, what that means is that everyday thousands of people are looking for web hosting.

This very large market could prove highly lucrative for you, if you know what to do.

How Does Reselling Web Hosting Work?

As a reseller, what you are essentially doing is purchasing server space from another company and reselling it to your customers for a higher price.

This server space and hosting will appear to your customers as your own, not the other company, because you own this space, not the other way around.

In other words, first thing is first, if you are interested in reselling web hosting, you need to find the right reseller program that will benefit your potential customers the most.

What Should I Look For In A Reseller Program?

Well, you should be looking for what you would expect in your own hosting needs.

Some things might include administrative controls, turnkey websites, customer support, billing software, software for your customers to use for their own websites, back end administration for your customers, and the like. Consider what you expect.

Some things to consider when finding the right reseller program is:

Space Allotment
Domain Allotment
Control Panel
Uptime Limitations or restrictions

I have Decided Now What?

Now you have to determine your prices, how much you will charge. Of course, you want to make money, but you also want to be competitive and offer prices that will lure your customers to use your services instead of your competitors.

Ok, your prices are now settled, and you are satisfied with what you are charging; now you have to market your services.

First, pinpoint the type of market you want to target, businesses, big or large, personal, not-for-profit, and the like. You will then need to determine how to market to these people, which means advertisement.

You want to be sure that you advertise in the appropriate places to optimize your customer base potential. Of course, before you can advertise, you must have a website to bring people to so that they can begin buying. If they have no place to start, you cannot expect to get sales.

Reselling web hosting can be very lucrative and a great business, you just have to know the how and where to get started.
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