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Should You Make Your Own Layout or Use a Premade Layout

Nov 9, 2007
This is a question that many people have, and is becomes even more complicated with the reduced need to know anything at all about how to actually create a layout because of the increase in the number of free profile designers available online. However, there are some good reasons to create your own, just as there are some great reasons to use the premade layouts as well.

First, you need to decide are you willing to make all of the decisions about your page yourself? If you are not interested in picking out the font, the colors, color of the borders, link color, position of friend's box, contact box information, and even the background picture then it may be a better idea to look at the premade layouts that have already made all of the decisions for you.

Second, while you can customize completely your layout if you create it yourself it takes a lot longer to create your profile yourself rather than just copy and paste the code into the appropriate box on MySpace. This is not to say that actually surfing around for a profile layout that you like and is suitable will be a quick process. This can also take a while to complete. Your best option is to say that this is a negative for both sides because of the time it takes.

Third, how creative are you? If you are someone who has trouble coordinating your clothes to wear each day then you may struggle with the idea of coordinating with your layout to make it look how you want. If you are someone who seems to have a natural ability to combine pictures and colors to create beautiful pictures then you may truly enjoy creating your own profile layout because you are in complete control over how it looks.

Fourth, there is yet another option. You are always free to find a profile layout that you like and then simply modify it to fit your needs completely. For example, if you find a profile layout that you really like but want to change a picture or a color, then it is possible to do quick easy modifications without spending hours. If you are simply looking to modify an existing profile layout then you are looking at only about five possibly 10 minutes of work rather than taking several hours to create the perfect MySpace profile layout.

As you can see, there are several good reasons for each type of profile layout. From the simple to create to the complex layout, there is something for everyone and you can have the perfect profile with some work and effort. Unleash your inner creativity and show everyone just how great your page can be. There is a whole world of creativity that is awaiting you.
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