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What To Do With A Free Cover Letter Sample

Nov 10, 2007
Your free cover letter could be the kiss of death for your resume for many reasons. Cover letters are designed to get you an interview. There are many things wrong with free cover letters that instead of getting you an interview, they end up getting your resume sent to the trash can by a prospective employer. Once a prospective employer sends your resume to the trash can that is it with that company. There are seldom times when you will get a second chance with that company.

Free cover letters usually address the letter to sir/madam. Some of these free cover letters also address the cover letter 'to whom it may concern'. Both of these versions are wrong. A cover letter should be addressed to an actual person. This person is usually the contact person listed with the job advertisement. Prospective employers like to see that you care enough to find out the name of the person for whom the cover letter and resume are going to. Most junk mail that people receive ends up in the trash never even looked at. When you do not address your cover letter to an actual person you have made your cover letter look like the same junk mail everyone throws out. The former types of addressing is why your free cover letter could be the kiss of death for your resume.

Free cover letters also address a company in general with a position in which the job seeker will be applying for. Free cover letters never address a specific company with a specific need. You cover letter needs to address the specific company in which you are applying for and it also needs to address their hiring needs. When a prospective employer posts an ad for a position they will list qualifications they are looking for. When you don't address the specific hiring needs that the company has you are showing that you did not pay attention to their job advertisement. Prospective employers look closely at this and when they don't see that you have taken the time to address their needs and how you can fill their needs then they move on to the next applicant. Again this is another reason why your free cover letter is the kiss of death for your resume.

Free cover letters are used by almost anyone who has access to the same place where you got your free cover letter. This means that your prospective employer is seeing the same old cover letter over and over again. Your cover letter needs to be original and unique enough to capture your prospective employers attention thus landing you an interview. Free cover letters also do not show you how to make your cover letter look unique and fresh to prospective employers. While a cover letter does show a generalized idea of how to write a cover letter it does not show you have to make one look unique and fresh to your prospective employer. If your cover letter is not fresh and unique and the prospective employer is seeing it over and over again only with a different name attached then more than likely it will wind up in the trash can along with all the other applicants that tried to use the same free cover letter.

Another reason your free cover letter could be the kiss of death for your resume is that you are using the same free cover letter for each company you are applying for. Not only have you landed your resume in the trash with one company by submitting a cover letter such as the free one you obtained but you landed your resume in the trash with each place you have applied at. Your cover letter should not only be fresh and unique it must be a fresh and unique cover letter for each place in which you are applying. Never submit the same cover letter to more than one prospective employer. Make sure that you have written a new cover letter that is personalized for each and every prospective employer. This way you can avoid all the reasons why free cover letters could be the kiss of death for your resume.
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