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Affiliate Marketing: Knowledge is Key

Aug 17, 2007
To participate in an affiliate marketing program, you have to pay attention to particulars. Both the sponsor and the affiliate must work together to create a successful & harmonious program.

When you are considering joining an affiliate program, you should weight the pros and cons. Product selection is an important part of the process. Many people think about the possible returns, or the amount of commission they can earn. That's an important factor, but it's not the most important. You can't earn commission on an item that no one wants. So when choosing an affiliate program, opt for products that are likely to sell well.

To aid in affiliate program product selection, you may want to use Alexa.com. Performing a search with Alexa's traffic rankings will tell you a lot about a merchant. You will get an overview of the website, its ranking in the search engines, and more detailed information on its visitors.

Alexa also provides a ranking of the top 500 websites grouped by location. This will help you analyze the traffic and popularity of the top 500 websites. If any of them offer affiliate marketing programs, you may want to sign with them if possible. If you search a website's ranking, and the page isn't in the top 500 or isn't ranked at all, you should know you may make very little to no money in their affiliate marketing program.

If you're considering starting a program, it would be a wise choice to learn all you can about affiliate marketing. Which form of commission will you offer? Will you handle the administrative duties yourself, or use free software tools? There's more to learn than you think. Acquire all the knowledge you can before actually starting your program. It would be a mistake to start the program, pay for advertising, banners, and other promotional materials, and then start to learn about affiliate marketing.

Find forums and websites dedicated to affiliate marketing. Ask questions, and read everything you can on the subject. Most importantly, before you even consider starting your program, make sure you have a product or service that affiliates will promote. If your product is useless, you'll have a hard time finding affiliates.

Once you feel comfortable enough to proceed, go ahead and take your first steps. Starting your own affiliate marketing program can be daunting, but you'll get the hang of it. The rewards can far outweigh the risks.
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