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Article Writing As A Marketing Tool

Nov 11, 2007
Business and, especially, their websites are being marketed through online marketing. The tools utilized for marketing online vary quite a bit from those used traditionally. Since Internet users often search online to look for any information that they require, a lot of the ways and means for getting marketing messages across to potential consumers have been developed around it.

Among the methods for generating and increasing traffic to a website, even as pay per click advertising and search engine optimization, among others, are also widely being used, marketing through the writing of articles can be one of the most effective and also help bring about savings in the costs incurred for the purpose. This can help boost the website's ranking on search engines by leading to an increase in the link popularity, besides increasing the number of direct visitors to the site. Thus, these can lead to increase in sales, through generation of leads and increase in traffic.

Pertinent information about the services or products offered by the company is usually contained in the articles. These help increase awareness and responsiveness for the website.

This, however, does not imply that the articles should be devoid of any useful content or real information. An overload of keywords or phrases, at the cost of the content being of interest to the readers, is also something that should be watched out against. Articles that are written without taking these points into consideration are likely to be of little interest for the search engines too, besides potential consumers.

At the outset, even if too many keywords are not used in the article, it can be made useful by providing information and advice that can be of help to the readers. It is important to ensure that the sentences are not inordinately long and that the language is fairly simple. Over a period of time, one can develop one's writing skills, even if there is a lack of experience in the beginning. Maintaining the quality of content is a significant factor for ensuring success.

A greater amount of time often has to be devoted to writing a headline, than to the content of the article. The headline can determine the number of times that an article is likely to be published, as the reader often decides whether to read the entire article or not only on the basis of the headline. This fact has been acknowledged by the best among copywriters.

A set of products can be offered to visitors, apart from a range of freebies, once they provide their email addresses, after having navigated to the website. For this, however, one has to work hard at writing the content for the resource box, so that the readers are encouraged to follow the website's link. In this manner, even if one does not start selling products right away, one has a list of people who can be contacted with special offers and tips that can prove helpful, apart from news.

Distribution is the next aspect that has to be concentrated upon, once the content for the resource box and the main article has been prepared, so that the marketing effort is successful.

Directories that list published articles, either on general topics or for niche areas, and have a pagerank of 3 out of 10 or better, can effectively showcase the work in the public domain. Out of the numerous such directories that are available, one has to find the most appropriate ones, in terms of the exposure that they are likely to offer, and then submit.

To save on the time taken for submitting articles to the directories, there are a variety of software packages available. However, many directories do not accept automatic submissions made through these and articles have to be submitted manually. Services for submission, operated by humans, can often turn out to be an expensive proposition. So, it probably is best to locate the directories that appear most suitable and make the submissions on one's own.

Samples of one's work can also be sent for publication in e-zines with relevant content.

By publishing articles online, the publisher, therefore, can:

1. Convey the impression that he or she is an expert
2. Utilize the resource box for advertising for free
3. Increase profits through increase in sales
4. Gain from affiliate marketing
5. Improve pagerank on leading search engines
6. Attract more of high quality traffic to the website
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