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How To Run Your Own Successful Giveaway Event

Nov 11, 2007
Giveaway Marketing is a relatively new type of online marketing, and has taken off over the last five years as the most immediate way to get a solid subscriber base in as little as 7 days.

Giveaway Marketing started in the early years of 2000 as a legitimate form of building a large subscriber base through powerful joint ventures - where marketers team up with each other to promote the Giveaway event.

It is powerful due to the sheer nature of what is on offer at the Giveaway site. Typically the large Giveaway events attract hundreds of JV Partners, who in turn invite thousands of subscribers to download free reports, ebooks, videos, MP3's and the like.

The affect of the Giveaway on the internet community is massive. Some Giveaways have their domains climbing into the Top 1,000 ranked websites across the internet for the duration of their event. As a result they have more than 100,000 unique visitors attending the site during the campaign.

People can access all the free information that is available by signing up to receive the packages or products that are on offer within the site.

In addition to the free products on offer within the site, there are other opportunities to learn more and take home special products on sale from the Giveaway. These are usually related to the Giveaway community that the event is focussed on.

Through the sales of the products within the Giveaway site it is possible to earn commissions from the event. Members of the site can invite other people, and if they make a purchase of the special one time offers available upon signup they can save a fortune on products that usually cost a lot more.

A Giveaway event is a huge win-win-win with tons of benefits for all people involved.

First, people who enter the site can access untold thousands of dollars of information - for free.
Second, the contributors of the free products will build their list of subscribers through the event, as well as cash in on commissions from the site offers.

And third, the site co-ordinator will be able to pocket both the residual sales as well as the subscribers that enter through the front door of the site.

If you're looking at building subscriber lists of 2,000 or 10,000 or even 100,000 subscribers in as little as 7 days, then perhaps a Giveaway event is what you need !
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