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MLM Training - Do The People At The Top Make All The Money

Nov 11, 2007
When prospects say: "All the people at the top make all the money, and everyone below has no chance of success" - it's a question easily answered when you know what to say. Here's some very logical MLM training advice you can use to confidently, truthfully and logically answer this common objection.

It's a common objection curious prospects ask, in fact, you have probably been asked at least once. Here's a version that a reader emailed to me:

A prospect commented that "MLM is about helping the top few people to earn money and the rest just earn peanuts." How do I handle this objection?

First let me state that I LOVE THIS OBJECTION! Because in handling this objection I can let MLM "shine!" Let's back up to the Objection Handling Remedy found in Professional Inviter. You may recognize this formula from previous MLM training articles; it is the formula of how to handle all objections.

1. Listen completely through the question/objection.

2. Confirm understanding.

3. Make the question or objection valid to the prospect.

4. Handle or facilitate handling Questions and/or Objections.

5. Complete the handling and return to the previous step of the Inviting formula.

When your prospect makes a comment similar to the one above, listen completely through their objection, then confirm for the prospect that you understand it. With this particular objection, you have to make sure you differentiate "people at the top - are making most of the money" versus "people who get in at the beginning - are making most of the money." You handle these two objections slightly differently.

When you acknowledge that you understand the prospect's objection, let them know that you appreciate them telling you this, or asking you about this. Say something like, "that's a good question" or "thanks for asking that" or "thanks for bringing that to my attention."

Then you want to handle or facilitate handling this objection. Facilitate of course means you assist the prospect in handling his or her objection instead of you "telling" the prospect the answer.

When the objection is handled, you return to the step of the Inviting Formula you were on when the objection came up. To help you with step 4, handling the objection, let me explain why this objection comes up and give you some valuable information about how to handle it.

This objection comes up because there is a perception that it's ONLY in MLM that people at the "top" make most of the money. Factually, when people have built large organizations they do make more money than those who have not built large organizations. But it's not any different than other business models!

If you research traditional executive and owner compensation of most companies you'll see that "only a few people at the top make the majority of the money" in every business model! CEOs of large U.S. companies last year (2006) made as much money from JUST ONE DAY on the job as average workers made over the entire year. According to an Associated Press survey of 386 Fortune 500 companies in 2006, the executives averaged $10.8 million in total compensation, that's over 364 times the pay of the average American worker!

If you really think about this I think you will agree that MLM "SHINES"!! Why? Because, in MLM there are people layered through-out the organization who are making more money than the people who brought them into the business. You don't find this in other business models.

In MLM your productivity determines your earnings and if you're more productive than your upline, you'll make more money. In a conventional business model, you've got to deal with office politics, seniority and other factors that often outweigh the productivity factor. That's why I say that MLM is the fairest business model of all.

In closing, keep this very logical MLM training tip in the forefront of your mind as I'm sure you too will come up against this common objection. Your ability to handle each and every objection with logical explanations will play a big part of your MLM success.
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