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Good Keywords For Your Work At Home Based Business Opportunities

Nov 11, 2007
There are two kind of needs for the keywords: to get more website traffic or to get the better conversion rate. Of course the latter is better for your work at home based business opportunities. So if you have 1.000 hits a day with the conversion of 0,1, you will get 1 sales, but if you have 100 hits a day with the conversion of 10 %, you get 10 sales. The quality matters!

But how to select the profitable keywords for your work at home based business opportunities? Okay, start with one keyword, which is as precise as possible. If you promote mobile phones, say Nokia, use the primary keyword, Nokia mobile phone, instead of mobile phone. In a recent market study conducted by one of the major search engines, it was revealed that more than 65% of all searches made use of phrases rather than single words.

It is best to use a high quality keyword software, like WordTracker, and to produce a list of about 30 related phrases. The relateness is more important here than the ability to build traffic to your work at home based business opportunities website.

It is useful to do some spying work, just check which keywords your competitors use, especially those which market extremely successfully. Their websites are good checklists, to compare that you have not missed anything.

Optimize each of your web pages for not more than 4-5 keywords. It is wise to use the best 5 keywords on the home page. Here is the list of places, where you can use the selected keywords: title meta tags, alt tags,anchor texts, headers, title tag, bold/italic tags, teaser, body and at the end, url and filenames and in the description.

An important question is the keyword density or frequency of your work at home based business opportunities website. The optimal amount is between 4 and 9 %. If you go over 9 % the search engine may penalize you.

Make it very clear, what you offer on your work at home based business opportunities website. The more specific or targeted keyphrases you will use, the better quality traffic you will get and the better will be your sales.
Take the experience of more experienced home business marketers as a lesson. Do not just start off in haste because you want to run an optimized campaign. Get to know the experiences of various people, read articles and various forums. Learn your lessons thoroughly; remember, this is an ongoing process.

You can also say that keywords are like niche markets. The organic targeted traffic is the most profitable traffic. This means that your website must climb high on the search engines result pages. Okay, this you can do with the backlinks, i.e. links from other related sites to your site. And the most effective way to get backlinks is to write optimized articles, using the same keyword list, you just produced.
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