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Email Signatures for Your Waiora Website

Nov 11, 2007
Have you recently become a Waiora distributor and now have your very own website? This is an exciting time for you as you build your buyer base and interact with new friends that you will make through Waiora product distribution! The key factor to having a successful Waiora home business is to drive traffic to your actual Waiora website. The more people that know you are available, the higher your success rate. After all, the Waiora products virtually sell themselves once you have buyers at your actual Waiora website.

One effective way to drive traffic to your Waiora website is absolutely free. Your email box is a powerful selling tool and you can take advantage of it today. The first step to drive traffic to your website is to add a signature to your emails. In the email page will be mail options and under the mail options is a feature to add an email signature. Each time that you send an email to friends and relatives, the signature is automatically written for you. In the add signature options, add your link to your Waiora website. This is your opportunity for free and without direct selling to let others know that you are on the internet. What's more is every time one of your friends forwards jokes, quotes, and other emails you send to their friends, your signature and your website link will automatically show up on the emails. Even if you do not know all the different people your personal email is being forwarded to, they will instantly see your link to your Waiora website because you had your link in your signature.

Signatures are wonderful because you can place a link. You are not telling someone to visit your site or even to buy from you. Yet, you are letting people know that you are on the internet. Often, people will be curious and click the link to find out where it leads to and to find out what you have on the internet. Once these curious friends, relatives, and even strangers are at your Waiora website, they will more than likely buy some of the products that you are distributing. One or two fun emails to friends and family can snowball into many, many people finding your website. For example, if you send a funny joke to your sister and she forwards it to three people from her email list, you have instantly been exposed to three more people. If one of these three people then forwards it to three of their friends; you are now exposed to six people from one single email. Of course, those three new people will forward to one or two people and before you know it, one email has the potential to literally be seen by a hundred or more people. On the bottom of that email is your link to your Waiora website because you included your email signature.

As you can see, the use of email signatures can be a very handy and powerful marketing tool. You do not have to spam or direct sale because the email signatures do all of the work for you. You can send one to three emails a week that are entertaining and something that others will want to forward can potentially provide you hundreds of visitors who then, can become regular customers.
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