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Passive Income from Wellness Membership Websites

Nov 12, 2007
Now is the time to get in on the boom of the wellness industry. People are craving information and a place to socialize with others on the internet. Creating a wellness membership website is an excellent opportunity to earn a steady stream of passive income. The good news is that once the site is set up and established, you can earn passive income around the clock whether you are at your regular job or on vacation or even asleep.

The first step for this type of passive income is to select a niche of the wellness industry. You can focus on nutritional supplements, fitness and exercise, nutrition, anti-aging, health and beauty, and more. It is completely up to you what niche of the wellness industry that you feel is the best for you. Read up on the information and learn all that you can in your spare time about the niche that you select.

Once you have selected a niche, it is time to build a website. Since many people are not web gurus, it is often easer to hire someone to build your website for you. You will need to be certain that it is keyword optimized, search engine optimized, has proper advertising, a membership forum area, and even informational products for sell. If you do not want to hire someone to build the web site, you can create one from a webpage maker software program or even buy one pre-built that someone is selling.

Some key elements to your web site will include an attractive front page. You should have several pages that visitors can go to for information about your particular wellness niche. Next, explain the membership benefits and why people should pay for a membership. Be able to accept multiple forms of payment to make certain more people can join. Create a strong sales copy for your membership area to entice people to join the members' only section of your website. The membership fees that you receive around the clock will make an excellent stream of passive income.

Offer free items, review of products or services, latest news information, and an interactive members' only forum in the membership section of your website. These types of things will encourage people to become members of the elite community that you will grow. Invite family members and friends to join the membership area. You can even offer free memberships in the beginning to start the wellness community that will grow and grow.

With only a small number of hours a week, you can update your membership area with current news articles, new information on the wellness niche you selected, scan through the membership forum for posts that might need to be deleted and to send out conversational emails, or ship free products to members. If your community is strong and you can offer a great deal, you can even charge a monthly membership. You will want a thank you letter, follow up letter, and then once a month letter sent to all members that become a part of your members' only wellness community.
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