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Work From Home: Splenda Laboratory Rats Needed

Nov 12, 2007
The internet is full of work at home employment opportunities and the FDA can't wait for you to submit your application. One slight problem, there is no compensation involved. Hope you didn't wander over here looking for some extra disposable cash. Next problem, you didn't really need to come here to enlist, you are already on the payroll. If you happen to use the sweetener Splenda, or sucralose as it appears in additive form, you already smack in the middle of one big research study being conducted to see just how bad this is for you. Take comfort, you are not really a rat, more a guinea pig in this study. You see, they already found it bad in rats, and didn't quite have the time to get to us guinea pigs yet, as they needed it on the market, and fast.

You represent the nice furry, tan and white guinea pig with white whiskers. One step up the chain removed from rats, and a bit behind the rabbits and dogs as far as the testing process goes on the road to safety. Wait a minute, doesn't the FDA go through years and years of clinical trails and extensive research studies before allowing any product on the market to ensure its safety? Sure, in a perfect world, that might be the case. Not too many people pull up to the curb at the FDA and confuse it with never never-land. It is an imperfect government agency that, like any other bureaucracy, is full of political pressure and incompetence.

The food and drug industry has hundreds of millions to pour into lobbyists. They pressure the politicians and they pull favors and pressure the FDA. The tried and true method that has been around since our country was founded. If you are a top flight research scientist in your field, you are working for the outside industries as the pay is too good to pass up on. The majority of research the FDA must sift through in the approval process was done by the company seeking approval. Research studies take money, time and personnel which the FDA is poorly lacking in. Would you expect any company seeking approval to submit a stack of data that concludes their product is unsafe or harmful? The data may be buried in some of it, but it is up to the under-staffed FDA to dig it out and it is rarely done. We, as consumers, become the needed study after it is on the market. We start dying or getting sick, they start looking back at the studies they needed to in the first place.

The food industry realizes that, for twenty plus years now, they have poisoned America with aspartame. The obesity rate has doubled and diseases like ADD, depression, bi-polar and fibromyalgia are at epidemic levels. I have offered other articles on aspartame and hope you research this toxic additive for yourself. In my opinion, it is the most toxic substance ever allowed to be put on the market.

You have to even admire the name "Splenda". Calm, passive and natural thoughts come to mind just from the sound of it. Its manufactures, McNeil Nutritionals and the FDA, brag that it is made from sugar. The consumer is lead to feel that is must be natural and so much better than those proven nasty toxic additives prior to this. If you take away even one thing from this article, please, please follow this. It is a purposefully created perception that this product is natural and safe. Splenda and sucralose are about as natural as a pesticide. Splenda/sucralose is chlorinated sugar; a chlorocarbon. By the way, so are carbon tetrachloride, trichlorethelene and methylene chloride, all deadly.

In rats it was found that the thymus gland shrunk and the kidneys and liver enlarged. If you are one who feels, hey, what is a bit of organ distortion now and then, disregard that study. The FDA didn't seem concerned since the test subject was only a rat. Now go out there America and prove them wrong and it is really harmful and deadly. That is exactly what is happening, the study is being done on you and every consumer who uses the product. You must look carefully; it is in so many products you might never have imagined.

If the chlorine element is so good for you, why does it show up as a biocide in bleach and disinfectants? Do you happen to sip them when cleaning the counter? It had great uses in past wars, actually made a great poison gas. Kills off bugs by the thousands when used an insecticide. So the next time you send your child off to school with a tray full of cupcakes made with Splenda, you might want to consider if second grade students are meant to be guinea pigs. It has the same start as with aspartame; skin rashes, agitation, panic attacks, numbness, diarrhea, muscle aches, headaches, intestinal cramping, bladder problems and stomach pain. There is just not enough time on the market to fully show how dangerous sucralose is to our health and wellbeing.

You can sit passively and wait out the test results with you as the subject, or take a proactive step and search out the products that contain them and boycott them and mail letters to the companies demanding their removal. And trust me, it is everywhere. I picked up an innocent box of ice pops to have around for my two-year old grandson, and there it was. Don't be the passive, complacent test guinea pigs the FDA and food industry are depending on. Don't be that laboratory rat that had no idea of what was added to his dish in his cage and what effect he could expect. Well, if there is any bright side to this toxic tale, at least you are afforded a much bigger cage than the rat.
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