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Affiliate Tools Help Affiliate Programs Operate

Aug 17, 2007
Any good affiliate marketing program has free software tools to help it operate effectively. These free software tools make it fast and easy to access services relating to the program.

Running an affiliate program can be overwhelming without the proper support. The purpose of affiliate program tools is to mainstream the administrative process. There are a variety of free software tools used by affiliate marketing programs, but there are certain features you may find more useful than others.

Before deciding on your affiliate marketing program tools, take time to think of the features you want to provide. Consider what you want to accomplish with your program, and work from there. Here are some features to consider when evaluating free software tools for use you're your affiliate marketing program:

1. Keyword selection tools help you find the perfect keywords to market your business. Keyword selection tools help you track the popularity of certain words, and see how they rank in search engines. This also helps with keyword optimization for copy on your website.

2. Report analyzers offer a variety of tracking tools for certain aspects of your affiliate program. For instance, you can track the number of affiliates signed with your program, you can track their performance, and many other aspects of the program.

3. Tools for handling all types of commission structures. There are three types of commissions, pay-per-click, per-sale, and per-lead. You should have tools for handling each one, just in case you offer more than one kind of commission option.

4. Real time reporting is also useful. This allows you to keep all of your business up-to-date and current.

5. Marketing tools. Some free software tools offer image banners, pop-ups, HTML banners, and more. This takes some of the hassle out of creating everything from scratch.

6. Instant e-mail communication. Instant e-mail communication enables you to be informed when anyone joins your affiliate program. You can also send mass email to all of your affiliates.

7. Built-in fraud protection. To keep affiliates honest, fraud protection seeks to eliminate false reports of sales, clicks, or other dishonest activity.

8. No sign-up fee or yearly dues. There are plenty of affiliate marketing tools that are available for free, or for a one-time low-cost.

It may take awhile to find the tools you need, but it will be worth the effort. Outsourcing is also a good option. There may be a monthly fee, but you usually get support also. Having reliable marketing tools save time, money, and effort in the long run.
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